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  1. markc

    Easter Egg Fun

    That is cool! I started to paint a sexy shad egg last night myself:) Happy Easter!
  2. markc

    Skirt Tool

    Ok I'm an idiot, I just realized that fishingskirts.com = skirts unlimited. Sorry!
  3. markc

    Skirt Tool

    No, Charlie from fishingskirts.com sent out a few of his new design for people to try. I got mine Monday, and am impressed. For $4 I see buying a second one to leave in my boat, as this thing is a breeze to use. Thanks Charlie!
  4. markc

    Hildebrandt copper

    I tried Barlow's but all I see are nickle and gold. Am I missing something? Thanks anyway!
  5. Does anyone know where I can find some Hildebrandt copper willow leaf blades? I know or think I have seen them, but can't find them anywhere. Thanks, Mark
  6. markc

    spraying question

    Thanks guys! I'll search the dagger stroke tonight. One more question; Do you point your brush where you are going, where you have been, or keep it at 90' to your work when painting lines? Thanks again, Mark
  7. markc

    spraying question

    I have done a few that way, but I like the softer edge of doing them without it. Thanks for the help and I'll try your tip of all the way back and fast to see how it works for me. Anybody else have any pointers?
  8. I have gotten a ton of good information from this site, and I appreciate everyones help, but I have another question. I sprayed some lateral lines on some baits today. Fortunately I was smart enough to give the baits a clear coat first so if I messed up it was no big deal. I had pretty good results starting my line on a piece of paper and then onto my lure with a continuous motion, but when I try to start on the bait, I keep getting a little paint "explosion" and then the air keeps pushing the paint messing up the line. I realize this must be a speed/coordination issue, because when I am doodling I do ok, but when I do it for "real" thinkgs don't work out as I have to aim my paint while maintaining my distance, speed, air and paint. I played with my pressure taking it down as low as I could go and it didn't really help. Will thinning my paint help or make it worse? I'm thinking if I thin I will have to do multiple passes to get coverage and I'm trying to keep the line small. Any advice? As always your help is much appreciated! Mark
  9. I was painting a crankbait today, and asked myself a question; Why not thin my apple barrel paints in the bottle, so all I have to do is add them to my airbrush and paint? My thinking is that I can add Xcc'c of water per ounce of paint and go to town. What am I missing here? It would be a lot more convenient than having to thin it everytime I switch a color. Thanks, Mark
  10. I finally got my airbrush set up and was able to spray some paint for the first time tonight:yay: I started out spraying lines, dots, squares, etc... on a piece of cardboard with several different createx paints. I played with pressure, and the distance of the brush from what I was painting. After playing for a while I sprayed a coat of paint on a junk lure, and now have a question. If I start with a plastic bait that already has a white base coat, and wanted to paint the whole thing completely black (or red, green, blue etc,), how many coats of paint should it take before there is no bleed through(I didn't thin my paint)? How long do you wait between coats, or different colors? I've read about using a hairdryer to speed the process up, but are we talking 30 seconds with a hair dryer or 5 minutes? The reason I am asking is because when I applied enough paint to cover I started getting runs. If I kept things really thin I was geting pretty good results, but it will probably take 5 or 10 coats to become a solid color. If this has already been posted a thousand times I apologize. I have been reading here for months, and have searched, but not really found an answer to this question. Thanks, Mark
  11. markc

    Hose question

    Cool! I'll hit Lowes tomorrow. So the fitting on the compressor end of the airbrush hose is regular old air fitting stuff? That makes things easier. My plans are come off my existing air line and mount a dedicated water trap and regulator on my work bench to use for my air brush. Thanks for the help, Mark
  12. markc

    Hose question

    I plan on using my shop compressor and basically building a manifold with a dedicated regulator and water trap at the point where I attach my ab hose. What I am needing is a way to attach the ab hose to my regulator. The only true airbrush stuff I am using is the brush and hose. I didn't order anything special for my hose connection and will have to rely on what my local hardware store has in stock, which would be npt most likely. So if the hose is 6mm and I cant find an adapter I am assuming I will have to cut the hose and use a hose barb to get to npt. Again Thanks for the help, I am excited to get started ASAP:)
  13. markc

    Hose question

    Thanks hazmail! I've never heard of BSP and a quick google search says they are not interchangeable with NPT. Anyone in the US know where I might find an adapter locally? If I can't find one I guess I'll just cut the hose and use a hose barb:)
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