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  1. I Know, Use the Search Function (Clearcoating)

    oh and dont forget to post pics of the finished job.
  2. Who has it ?

    Ahh yess.. the harliquin. i love that that look so much
  3. Who has it ?

    I was looking at someones gallery and they had a lure that looked more like art(sorry, everyones pieces are art. ). It looked like it was watercolor. It was orange with translucent orange and green like little drops everywhere. I really liked the look.
  4. round to??

    hehe not old enough to be married
  5. round to??

    i think i understand what your saying but if you could the next time you make a crank could take some shots of your process? i dont mean to sound selfish if you dont want to you know its ok. im just more of a visual person.
  6. round to??

    sorry i see what you mean. i was talking about a shad rap like this one
  7. round to??

    ok i have no idea on how to start making round body cranks. so i cut out the pattern first and then do what..?? i dont know where to start rounding. any help is much appreciated.
  8. What do you use?

    thanks for the help, i wish i knew german but spanish is currently my second language study... i like the screw idea and the cotter pin idea....hmmm which to chose.
  9. What do you use?

    cotter pin that is shortened? how do you get it to hold.
  10. What do you use?

    What do you use to have eyelets?? i know some use through wire construction but what about everyone else... Little eye screw the kind to hang things?
  11. Gave painting a try...

    how did you get the yellow pin stripe on there
  12. Be gentle, it's my first time

    ya it does, and i got the one that is blue in the back and is really heavy and i couldnt find a hose adapter for it... its like smaller then 3/8 and close to 5/16th and theres no hose i could find for it so im gunna try hobby lobby and wish for some luck.
  13. Be gentle, it's my first time

    how much was the kit?? do you have pics i could see of it ? thanks and what issues with the harbour freight one did you have because i just got one and now im a little nervous...
  14. What do i need ?

    ahhh, so i can buy a large cylinder to hold the air seperatley? i wasn't sure.
  15. What do i need ?

    Well i have been bitten, i got the bug, but don't worry i have you guys, hehe. I do have a question about the airbrush, what do i need to power it? I know a compressor but what kind? I saw them at hobby lobby and 299.99 is a bit much.. i have a compressor that has a controllable output its for pumping tires at 70psi and i have no idea at 10psi, it ranges from 10 to 100 psi. Would this work?