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  1. Big an Green !

    Big, Bad, an GREEN, thats his favorite color , he asked me to do up a couple of big bad bugs for him. hope he likes them. in the mail, an should be there in a couple of day. MOHAWK and Fuzzy Green Worm GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  2. Going to Italy

    No not me, just some flys, to my friend EZIO. wanted some March Brown flatwing worms for freshwater, so I did him up some SMALL ones, 5-6" long, an gave them JC EYES, should drive the fish crazy.GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  3. Spinning a little gift !

    BIRTHDAY GIFT ! This one is heading to MAINE for a friend that shot his first MOOSE last season an his Birthday is next week. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  4. Conversion !

    5 Golden Pheasant Crests, GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  5. Conversion !

    Ken Sawada classic converted to streamer. " Carnival" GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  6. Rainbow Runner !

    Thats what I call it . "GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN "
  7. Butt Ugly !

    Thats what I call it. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYYIN
  8. Shades of Blue !

    I call this one " Blue Jay " ! GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  9. Flame Thrower !

    My good friend "Dai Jones" ties a flay called " Flame Thrower" I converted it into a Flat-wing fly for Striped bass. my version of the "FLAME THROWER" FLAT-WING Style ! GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  10. Something with color !

  11. Black Tufted Goose !

    That's what I call it ! GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  12. A Touch of Red !

    That's it, GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN

    I've heard about them " love Bugs " Hard to believe BUT must have been the snow and wind he couldn't fly so I garbed him by the tail remembering that you DON'T want to get bit by this guy cause it will HURT an last a LONG time . I did release him so watch out, They are around. have a great VALENTINES DAY, GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN.

    Plumb Crazy, "GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN"
  15. GRIZZLED !

    Bait Fish, "GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN"