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  1. I've been wanting to do a few things since learning to build rods, and as it turned out I had a need, and a couple of spare rods to help complete it. I dont know what the rod I chopped up was... something I bought in Hawaii as a beater for the surf. But this rod was a Shimano 2 piece 9' spinning rod rated 14-25lb - 3/4 to 4oz - med/heavy fast action. The project Convert a spinning rod to casting rod. Add a split grip Try a tiger wrap Try marbeling I cut off the guides and re-wrapped them to create an Acid Wrap or Spiral Wrap rod. I only took off the first 3 guides and left the remaining 3 on. This way I can use the rod with the Jigmaster I added magnets to as a casting rod, but not have to relocate all the guides to keep the spine of the rod in the right place since it's a 2 piece. Cut off the butt cap and drilled out the glue from inside of the blank. Then took another rod, and cut the blank in half, removed the guides, fore-grip, reel seat etc and left on the grip. Added glue and shoved it in the butt of the Shimano thereby creating a split grip. Wrapped a tiger wrap in the split. Added 5 min epoxy putty to either side of the split to create a nice taper, filed/sanced then painted with a mix of epoxy and Testors paint to try to create marbel effect, which didn't really work as planned, but came out ok. Kind of a sloppy job, but it'll work and now I can finally use that jigmaster on some leopard sharks and catfish.
  2. Thanks guys! I was just going to leave the reel seat on there, and add a handle extension at the base of the rod. I didn't want to get too crazy with it since it is a cheap-o rod. I just want something I can catfish with out here in the desert, or use to soak bait for Leopard sharks in the surf. It's a "beater" rod. I think I have an extra guide or two laying around... if I do I'll add them as bumpers, and I'll go with the 0-90-180 transition plus the bumpers in between. Eventually maybe I'll make a spiral wrap and put more time into it, but I just want this one to be functional so I can use my jigmaster that I modded with magnets for casting. Thanks for the tips!!
  3. I have a heavy Shimano spinning rod that I got at Sports Authority for $20 a while ago. I wanted to cut off the guides and make it a casting rod to pair up with a Jigmaster that I've added magnets to for braking. I realized that since it's a 2 piece rod, maybe I could just make it a spiral wrap and only have to cut and re-wrap one guide? So my question is, with spiral wraps, is the guide placement usually 1 @ 0 degrees, 1 @ 90 degrees, and the rest @ 180 degrees? Or should I put one @ 45 and one @ 135 on either side of the 90?? And will this be ok for a casting rod? I hope this makes sense. And thanks for any help with this.
  4. huck

    Newbie Crankbait question

    Jannsnetcraft has crankbait bodies, I just ordered 5 for $6 or so. Crankbait bodies, painted and unpainted
  5. huck

    oil bearings

    I almost had a cardiff in my hands last month to buy and try to clean up... never happened. Anyhow, I use Quantum Hot Sauce on the bearings, one drop on each bearing and the line will fly off like never before. Most of my reels are still pretty new, but I had a Cabelas Tournament ZX that I'd take apart every 2-3 months and oil the bearings, and re-grease the gears every 6 months.
  6. huck

    couple spiral wraps

    I don't know about the Allstar, but the Rainshadow blanks have a warrantee on them. As long as you weren't high sticking it, you might be able to get it replaced?
  7. huck

    couple spiral wraps

    That sucks!! I'm sorry to hear that.
  8. I never would have thought of that, but I'm glad you mentioned it. This is the first time I put a fish decal on a rod... usually I make my own waterslides with a name on them and that's it.
  9. This is the first time I've used the TM Lite, it's really thin compared to the Flex Coat I've used before. I put 3 coats on that swimbait rod, and 2 on the fly. It seems to soak up in the threads pretty well too. I'd heard that the benefit of using it was less bubbles, which may be true due to the thinner viscosity, and also that putting on thin coats helps it level out better. It's been around 70-ish in my garage while working on these... so the temp is perfect for me right now to build. I remember last summer I couldn't get the flex coat on the wraps quick enough without it starting to get lumpy on the foil. I'd also heard that you can heat up the high build before mixing it a little in a microwave and that would thin it out a bit, but then your temps are up and it might dry faster too. I think the Lite is going to help me put out better looking rods, but it's also going to take longer with each rod since I'm doing more coats... aka: the right way.
  10. Yep, first the guides (after finding the spine on the rod) are taped on, then wrap the thread, then apply the flex coat. Threadmaster lite is a brand of epoxy similar to Flex Coat brand, but thinner. I just got it to try out for the first time. There are some great tutorials on mudhole with video that you can watch... I learned a lot from these: Rod Building 101 Good luck!
  11. Thanks and yes, I snapped those pictures before I put the flex coat on. I ended up putting 3 coats of Threadmaster Lite on it.
  12. Did a couple rods this week, then both came out pretty good IMO. A couple minor flaws here an there, but overall I'm happy with them. I put together this swimbait rod for a friend: And a fly rod for my bro in law:
  13. huck

    No bass pro rod is safe...

    That looks great to me, but I also cant take my eyes off that reel seat... where did you get that?
  14. huck

    my first paint job

    Anytime bro!
  15. huck

    my first paint job

    Thanks guys, the bug has definitely bitten me! I went to Walmart today and got some tule in 2 different patterns and I'll be placing an order next week to get some crankbait bodies, more paint, finish, etc. It's on!!!