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  1. basspatrol

    Bears Bait: REAL CRAW 3" Please!

    Does anyone have this mold please? Thanks in advance!
  2. basspatrol

    MF worm plastic problem

    Yeah, that happened to me too... when i overcooked my mix :(.
  3. basspatrol

    Hardener Question

    From what i have learned here. Don't shake your plastisol box vigorously which might cause bubles in the longer run. Just turn the box couple times daily. That should mix the hardener that settled in the bottom after couple days and before use. Also don't throw your mushy stuff out. save it in a ziplock and use a small portion whenever you can That is what i learned in this great community so far . ** cheers
  4. basspatrol

    Wicked Worm Pattern

    Yeah, I don't doubt about the labor on that. You can see the amount of work put on those worms by looking at it and from all the posts on here. PM me if you guys planning on selling me some . They look too great to be fished with lol.
  5. basspatrol

    Swim Bait Storage

    I don't know the amount of sheets you are looking for, but you can always negotiate the price with the vendor. Or if you have a re-sale license ... you know the drill
  6. basspatrol

    Help Please: I Can't Get My Plastisol To Clear Color

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the advices. I can't wait to find the time to try all these advice. I am sure somehow I'll get this right
  7. basspatrol

    Swim Bait Storage

    I've been doing some research on RC Car Making and this might help to create a shell packaging for some. Or maybe someone already posted . I think there should be some thin cheap plastic materials to create the shell.
  8. basspatrol

    Help Please: I Can't Get My Plastisol To Clear Color

    Wow, this is so cool. I got so much information and input on things i have not done/ done improperly. Yes I am using a rotating Microwave, and i was also measuring temperatures with an IR gun. I didn't think the temperature would matter if taken with an IR after you stir it. I am not laminating it. I usually make my baits during the weekend, I guess i'll stir the plastisol daily (that should solve my micro bubbles I hope). I don't think it's a bad batch myself. It's just me since I am still in a learning process. Thanks guys. I'll let you guys know how it goes .
  9. basspatrol

    Help Please: I Can't Get My Plastisol To Clear Color

    Sorry, so it turns yellowish in the process of jelly state, so it's not pour-able yet.
  10. basspatrol

    Help Please: I Can't Get My Plastisol To Clear Color

    It's in the process of the jelly state to liquid state that it turns yellowish. I am using the soft plastic mix (no hardener). I flip the plastisol mix about 3 turns, making sure the liquid is fully mixed. Although at my first batches i didn't do that, so the plastisol was too mushy. My pours comes out fine though, just the color and some micro bubbles seems the problem.
  11. Hello all, I've been using soft bearsbait plastisol and one I could not get the plastisol to go clear. I pour 6oz of BB plastisol into my pyrex cup, and microwave 4~5times for 20sec after some stirring. When it starts to turn clear, I run 15 seconds During that process the liquid from a smokey clearish (but not clear), starts yellowing lightly. On a new batch i added 3 drops of heat stabilizer, but the results were the same. On another new batch i added 1 drop of black. Results are the same. Could it be the plastisol from bearsbait? (microbubbles are another issue too lol, but for now the clear color is getting on my nerves. lol) Thanks in advance
  12. basspatrol

    Wicked Worm Pattern

    Thanks guys. Truly and amazing pattern. I really wish i could find lures like that. Maybe i'll try the 12 beers and 3 burns myself someday lol.
  13. basspatrol

    Wicked Worm Pattern

    Oh, from what i heard Jeff was not pouring worms anymore. I would be definitely buying them.
  14. basspatrol

    Wicked Worm Pattern

    I did pour into drops, but the the worm breaks appart since there are 3 colors. I can't find this lure anywhere i think it's made by G4, Anyone here can Knock this off? I'll buy it. Need the brown one
  15. basspatrol

    Wicked Worm Pattern

    I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to achieve this look . Thanks in advance