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  1. Contact Fringe Tackle Company on facebook
  2. You'll find that everyone has a plastic they prefer. Try different ones until you find what you like.
  3. After you get the big stuff out, spray the inside with wd-40 and wipe them out with a paper towel or rag.
  4. I wonder how many actual flake manufacturers there are?
  5. And we both know that in reality, the fish don't care near as much as we do... LOL
  6. If you have th actual bait in hand there is some .008 red in it. It's Very hard to see in the photo. I think Driftwood is right on the fuschia but the green is greener than chartreuse (at least any chartreuse I have) but a tad yellower than any of the greens I have.
  7. For those familiar with this color what flake colors are in it besides red and black? Interested to see what folks think, especially what color they think the green flake is.
  8. If they're the essential series molds they won't have a shiny finish. Do a search on painting them with engine paint to get a shiny finish, but in reality the fish don't care.
  9. Grab a cheap microwave... it's much more user friendly.
  10. Maybe it's semantics. I'm not sure. Maybe I have a lack of comprehension. If I take a cup out of the micro and it's 350 in the middle and 320 after I stir it, I heat it the next shot like it's 320 degree plastic, not like plastic that "was" 350 at one point.
  11. I don't care what the temp is in the middle of the cup, I care about what the temp is once it's stirred. If you see 350 in the middle pre stir with your probe,, are you going to call it ready?
  12. So far I'm pleased with polysol. I accidentally had a batch get to almost 400 (on my ir thermometer) and it didn't yellow. I also like that is seems to have a dry finish, as opposed to MF whick seems to get a little oily after a while.
  13. bryanmc


    Take it apart and clean it. Then lightly lubricate the o-ring with worm oil.
  14. I've only broken 1 cup, and I dropped that one on a concrete floor. I've always stirred with metal table knives so I'm not sure why I'm so lucky... I do make it a point to only set hot cups of plastic on wood or a heated metal surface.
  15. I used quite a bit of MF, but have recently switched to baitplastics (polysol). Everybody has one or two they prefer, you just need to try them and find what works for what you do.
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