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  1. bryanmc

    BTS Molds Shipping

    Have you tried calling Bob and asking?
  2. bryanmc

    ultra molds shoting starr

    Contact them directly...
  3. bryanmc

  4. bryanmc

    7.5 inch worm molds

    The flat bottom and thickness of the tail make it almost certainly open pour. Why not just make your own mold?
  5. bryanmc

    Soft Plastic dye

    Lureworks uses the word colorant to identify a non-bleed color and dye to identify a color that will bleed.
  6. bryanmc

    Basstackle mold Help

    I've never had a problem with getting molds from Del. I talked to him a couple weeks ago and he said he was swamped with aerospace work. That's big bucks stuff and I wouldn't expect that he would have a machine cutting molds when it could be doing high dollar work.
  7. bryanmc

    Anyone know what happened to bearsbaits?

    Z... Please let David know I think of him often and that he and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. bryanmc


    What's your favorite pb&j recipe?
  9. bryanmc

    Recycle/Reuse leftover Plastic

    Same here and I cut it in the smallest pieces possible.
  10. bryanmc

    Degassed plastisol

    I know Bear's wasn't. Not sure about Jason's.
  11. bryanmc

    Who sells Calhoun's plastic

    That was it, thanks. I kept thinking polysol, but knew that wasn't it.
  12. bryanmc

    Who sells Calhoun's plastic

    I've never used degassed plastisol or had problems with bubbles. I've poured calhoun, chemionics, mf, and one that del used to sell but the name escapes me.
  13. bryanmc

    Mustad KVD Triple Grip Hooks

    There are two styles. of KVD triple grip trebles.. The standard ones and the 1x strong 2x short.
  14. bryanmc

    Plastisol Cutting Agent

    I use wd-40 to clean pots and cups.
  15. bryanmc

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    Time for a new monitor I guess. I see black w/ blue flake and blue w/ blue flake. LOL