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  1. I'm a lefty (usually the root of most of my issues LOL). It's not the hook point or the whip finish tool. I can start a few wraps and pull straight out and will see "hairs coming off the thread. I'm thinking the ceramic tip may be grooved but I can't see it by looking.
  2. I read somewhere (I think it may have been on the WD40 website that it isn't fish oil based. I have heard that it works as an attractant though.
  3. I'm trying to love the Danville 210 denier flat waxed nylon but it's always been a pain. I got to looking closer today as I was tying some jigs and it looks like it's frayed coming out of my bobbin. I currently use a couple ceramic tipped bobbins and both of them are doing it. What bobbin are you guys that use this stuff regularly using. Thanks
  4. I don't know if it would freeze since it's oil based.
  5. I'm sure he'll work with you on it. If it was intended to be injection the sprue was obviously cut incorrectly and I imagine he'll re-cut the mold for you..
  6. I'm just trying to understand... You wanted to just shoot a single bait some times instead of the full mold? Bob must have thought you wanted a hand pour for some reason because very few of his molds are hand pour. You can still do laminates with that mold the old fashioned way: open the mold, pour one side, close the mold and pour the other half. Personally I prefer side inject for sticks. In my mind, the salt,sand, whatever would tend to sink towards the tail in the vertical baits making them a tad tail heavy as opposed to the side inject where it would tend to sink towards the side of the bait evenly along the length of the bait. I could be all wet in that theory but in my mind it's possible.
  7. Does anyone have a copy of that pdf file of color recipes that's floating around? Mine must have gotten deleted accidentally at some point... Thanks
  8. There's a fine balance between pouring the second color too soon and too late. Too soon and you won't get that sharp delineation between colors that some folks want. Too late and you get cold cracks that allow the baits to separate at the laminate line. When I'm doing laminates in open pour silicone molds, I never do more than 2 cavities at a time.
  9. Some mold makers will do that, some won't. Looking at the various websites you will see that some designs are much more refined than others....
  10. I think it depends on what you're using it for. I primarily pour jigs for myself. I might pour 20 at a time (so less than a pound of lead at a sitting). It's much more economical to heat 10 pounds of lead than 20 pounds when you're only going to us 1 pound. If you were going to pour 15 pounds of lead at a shot I'm sure the 20 pound pot would be a better choice.
  11. Yeah, brain tumors and hurricanes will do that to you. You guys are unreal sometimes...
  12. Just for discussion sake, once you buy something does the seller have any say on what you do with it? I mean, say a guy buys 1000 bags of speed craws from Zoom. Does zoom have any recourse if he chooses to resell them, would he need their permission to do so?
  13. Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, platinum cure won't work with a plastisol master, but tin cure will.
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