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  1. 360 is too hot for most glitter. After I initially cook my plastic to 350, I add my colorant and let the plastic cool to 320 - 330 before adding glitter. I also try to keep my reheats under 330 as well.
  2. Plastisol is really a personal preference kind of thing. You will find people tell you that (insert company here) is the best they ever used and (insert company here) is the worst they ever used.
  3. Contact baitmolds and ask.... Pretty sure they will do multiple cavities of any of their baits.
  4. bryanmc


    Both of these companies have good scents... https://www.ispikeit.com/category/70/scents https://www.lurecraft.com/LUNKER-SCENT/products/28/
  5. Pretty much personal preference and I'm sure you'll see recommendations for all of them after a while. I've used a lot of different plastics over the years but pretty much only use MF or Bait Plastics (polysol) now.
  6. Normally not too bad. I normally get stuff from them in a month or so.
  7. bryanmc


    Stone molds usually need some sort of release agent like pam or worm oil every couple shots. You don't have to worry about that with aluminum.
  8. bryanmc


    They can make any of their molds in aluminum even if they don't show the aluminum version on the site. You just need to ask.
  9. bryanmc


    It's really something you have to experiment with since everyone has their own idea of how much scent is the right amount and similar scents from different sources will have different potency.
  10. bryanmc


    You won't have an issue adding MF scents into your plastic, same with Pro Cure or smelly jelly. Generally when I pour, I get my plastic up to 350, then add colorant. Once it's cooled to 325 - 330 or so I add the flake and scent and shoot.
  11. If your worried about Vaseline in the cavities, just scrub the mold with dish soap and water, rinse well and let dry.
  12. If you plan on using a mixer you won't be able to extend the thermocouple down into the pot. On mine, I built a bracket from leg to leg diagonally across the bottom of the pot and have the tip of the thermocouple contact the center of the pot (under a little tension). I made a little divot with a drill dead center for the tip of the thermocouple to sit into.
  13. No. David had some major health issues.
  14. This is probably at least part of your problem.
  15. Looks like they redid the site. Probably why it was unavailable for a while.
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