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  1. bryanmc

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    Time for a new monitor I guess. I see black w/ blue flake and blue w/ blue flake. LOL
  2. bryanmc

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    He usually gets back to folks pretty quickly when they have a question.
  3. bryanmc

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    Did you ask Josh at Angling AI?
  4. bryanmc

    MF worm plastic problem

    MF is really good about not hard packing. I've let it sit for months and a couple shakes was all it needed.
  5. bryanmc

    MF worm plastic problem

    You should get a thermometer to make sure your initial temp hits 350. Also, how much stabilizer did you add? A drop or two per cup is usually sufficient and I usually only add it to light colors on the second and subsequent reheats.
  6. bryanmc

    MF worm plastic problem

    Still haven't said how high you heated it initially. MF likes to go to 350 degrees to convert fully.
  7. bryanmc

    MF worm plastic problem

    What temp did you heat it to initially?
  8. bryanmc

    Selling soft baits to friends

    Found this on this site of all places.... "Here is the tax code document regarding constructive sales price determination: It has a modification at IRS Rev Ruling 81-226 to indicate that 60% is what to use when not regularly selling at wholesale. “Revenue Ruling 81-226, 1981-2 C.B. 213, modifying Revenue Ruling 80-273, 1980-2 C.B. 350, provides that the constructive sale price for computing the manufacturers excise tax imposed by § 4161(a), when the articles are sold at retail by manufacturers who do not sell like articles to wholesale distributors, is 60 percent of the actual selling price.”"
  9. bryanmc

    Selling soft baits to friends

    I was referring to the hobbyist without a bs business name. Your statement that "FTR, even free, promotional or self use baits, are subject to fet tax." implied that even if you didn't sell anything and made baits solely for yourself you owed FET. We're pretty much on the same page.
  10. bryanmc

    Selling soft baits to friends

    Using your example (and the definition of a fish stringer), someone who hangs a trout on a stick with a nub at the bottom has manufactured a stringer and whether he sells it or gives it away he owes FET. My understanding of what you were saying is if you manufacture baits for sale you owe FET. If you manufacture baits for sale and give some away as a promotional item, you owe FET. If you never sell anything, there's no FET, but then I'm not an expert... Fish stringers Any device designed or sold for attaching fish through the opercular opening and mouth. Rev. Rul. 88-52
  11. bryanmc

    Selling soft baits to friends

    Isn't FET based on constructive price which is 60% of retail? If you don't sell ANY baits, there is no constructive price to base the FET on. Now, if you do sell some that would be a different case.
  12. bryanmc

    One Up Shad

    The word "senko" copyrighted, but the bait is not patented. You can make an exact copy of the bait, but you can't call it a senko. Not sure about the status of the one up shad, check a legit pack for patent or copyright info.
  13. bryanmc

    Best RTV Silicone?

    Go to Hobby Lobby and buy the Alumilite Quick Set. You can get a 40% off coupon on their website that will knock the price down to around $18 or so.
  14. bryanmc

    ISO plastic pots with lever

    There are (were?) two sizes of Lee plastic pots same as the lead pots. I have three of the small ones and one of the big ones.
  15. bryanmc

    Robo prism shad recipe

    Yup... blue hilite