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  1. Everettelee

    Ultra-vibe Blades

    What size , and how much are they ,and how many do they have ? Are they chrome or stainless ? The originals are stainless .
  2. Everettelee

    Transduecer Removal

    How do I remove a transduecer that has been epoxyed to the inside of my hull without damaging the fiberglass ? I've had problems with my Lowrance x102c for 2 years now and every one I've asked about it said to change the transduecer ,but I've been reluctant about it because I don't know how to get it loose without damaging the hull . I don't have enough room to epoxy another one beside the bad one or I would just leave it in place . Where is the best place to buy a new transduecer ?
  3. Everettelee

    Ultra-vibe Blades

    Good luck finding any , the last I found were at Tom's Sporting Goods in Morristown TN. The original blades were made by a gentleman from around Jefferson City Mr. Perry Shockley . He sold out to Zoom a few years back . I E-mailed Zoom about 3 months ago , asking if there was a chance they would put them back on the market . The reply I recieved from Zoom didn't give me much hope that they would start producing them again . So I will protect the 2 dozen blades I have left . And hopefully find a way to duplicate the ones I have left . There is NO other colorado blade on the market that feels the same . What part of East TN. are you from ? I'm sitting here on the banks of Douglas in Dandridge.
  4. Everettelee

    Led Black Lights

    Just a couple of questions for the night fishermen out there. I ran a search and came up with a couple of posts about boat mounted Nucli Eye LED blacklights from last year . I'm in need of replacing my old florescent bulb light which gave up 2 weeks ago . Are the Nucli Eye brand the best ? Are they really brighter than a bulb light ?Have they been out long enough for the vote to come in whether they are worth the price ? Has anyone had any problems ? I tried out a LED from Bass Pro a buddy of mine had last June and it was junk . I have a $ 6 LED hat light that is brighter .
  5. Everettelee

    New Member From Tennessee

    Welcome Mike I'm from East Tenn. also if your ever on Douglas look me up I live at Point 11 in Koontz Creek . This site is a wealth of knowledge just wished I would have found it sooner . I learn something every time I log on . Everette McMurry
  6. Everettelee

    Spinnerbait Wire ???????

    Make up a dozen and try them out , don't like them melt'em back down try again. I do it all the time.
  7. Everettelee

    Spinnerbait Wire ???????

    I use .032 tig wire or .035 mig wire . Make your R bend then take a piece of telephone wire and make 2 loops around the R and put a drop of solder on the copper wire . A fish will bend the crap out of your wire but he won't straighten your R bend.
  8. Everettelee

    Night time spinnerbait Junkie

    My blade of choice is a #5 colorado Ultra-Vibe . I have confidence in it and probably throw it too much . Never tried any of Stamina's blades . I really like S.S. blades .Just got Hagens catalog this week only seen 2 blades in S.S. look like a #5 and #6 .
  9. Everettelee

    Night time spinnerbait Junkie

    I'm looking for others with this addiction, I've been fishing them for about 20 years and been making my own for about as long. I'm always on the hunt for new blades and wire to try. To me there is no better feeling than to feel the thump of a #5 blade and then the savage strike they produce. I've tried Hildebrandt, Pickens, Ultra-Vibe, Emerald, Lazer, Diamond, Hawg Caller, and countless no name brands. I'm looking to stock up this winter , has anyone got any that they could recommend, and suppliers to get them from. Are there any new wires on the market for more vibration and shake. I really like .035 S.S. mig wire because it's easy to come by and easy to straighten.
  10. Everettelee

    Buying new airbrush opinions wanted

    Just ordered myself a PS1000 for Christmas can't get Santa to bring me one cause I've been on the naughty list since 1963 . I just want to try something different have been using Paasche VL for about 3 years , with limited sucsess .
  11. Everettelee

    East Tenn. crankbaits

    Thanks Jawjacker that answers another question . A couple of months ago I posted a question in the wre bait forum about ULTR-VIBE spinner bait blades and they have C-S stamped under the logo Mr.Corbin and Mr.Shockley must have made these also . The blades are killer on Douglas at night , but impossible to find anymore . I wish someone could reproduce them or find a secret stash hidden somewhere . I've tried the tin snip and ballpien hammer aproach , but still can't get the same cup in the stainless . Thanks Everette
  12. Everettelee

    East Tenn. crankbaits

    Thank you both for the information. I found a address for Mr. Shockley I just hate to bother someone that I've never met with a few trivial questions about lure making . I will just keep reading the posts here . This site is a wealth of knowledge for an amateur like me . Thanks again Everette .
  13. Everettelee

    East Tenn. crankbaits

    I really would like to speak with Mr. Shockley. I have 2 local tackle stores that still have a few of his crankbaits on the shelf .I am more interested in picking the brain of a expert craftsman , if he is willing to give any hands on tutoring . The tackle shop owners both have told me that Mr. Shockley is not making any more baits, and neither of them know how to reach him .
  14. Everettelee

    East Tenn. crankbaits

    Has anyone heard of a gentleman in the East TN. area that made some flat sided crankbaits ? I think his name is Perry Shockley .If so do you know how he can be reached ,and is he still making any ? I've been told he also made spinnerbait blades .
  15. Everettelee

    Spinner bait blades and molds

    No sir, I'm looking for a spinnerbait mold in a 1/2 5/8 and 3/4 oz. but with the Erie Head. A friend of mine gave me a dozen 3/4 oz. spinner baits with this style head. I have had a lot of different style spinner bait heads in the past but I had never seen this head before. I have been having good luck with these and I just don't want to run out or go back to a store bought spinner bait. Probably didn't have anything to do with the head design, but I've caught better fish in the past 2 weeks at night. Must be doing something right.