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    Fishing for bass in all the lake chains in and around central Fl. Including the "big" lake....Okeechobee.
    Plus many sections of the St Johns` River.

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  1. Braided Line


    All I can say is, ya, another good one! Translation, I like your work...……..…….
  2. Braided Line

    Pumpkin Shad

    That puppy would be a killed for Bass in the St John`s river! To bad we`re not neighbors ….that way I could prove it.
  3. Braided Line


    Now there`s a super ,creative paint job! Really cool. Hi-5..……...
  4. Braided Line

    Orange Crush

    When you get that paint brush in your hand, the end results are really creative. Maybe I should say....progressive. They get your attention from the get go! Hi-5!
  5. Braided Line

    UV Pattern

    Exceptional...…….. Really cool!
  6. Now that`s a good looking frog! Eye appeal plus fish appeal. That`s a production bait. Very nice.
  7. Braided Line

    Electric Bluegill

    Your creative paint jobs on your baits are always 1st class. Hi-5.
  8. Getting hung up in trees/brush, what ever. You win some. You lose some. Just the way it is.
  9. No doubt in my mind it would make a great flipping/pitching bait. Looks long enough to insert a rattle for a little extra enticement.
  10. Braided Line

    Green Craw

    I like it so you know you did good. Love red eyes. They just seem to add the finishing touch on certain creations. The under belly is the perfect match. Hi-5.
  11. Braided Line

    Imposter Perch.jpg

    The rich tone of your paint scheme certainly "pops" on that big puppy.
  12. One thing I like is a full skirt. Like the blade color as well. Everything matches. That being said, well done.
  13. Braided Line

    Strawberry Craw

    For me, that paint/design combo really is an eye catcher. Just really cool. It`s got my vote. Fist bump.
  14. Braided Line

    Spring Gill

    A nice integration of color tones. That green eye just finishes the "look."
  15. Braided Line


    All the lures you posted are great eye-candy! The colors , which cover a wide spectrum , makes each one stand out. Your imagination with those colors, certainly deserves a Hi-5!
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