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  1. 10 lbs 12 oz. Hope you put her back. Hi-5.
  2. Whoa! Those are wicked. Rattle snake looking. Red eyes. All of your presentations are really outstanding. Hi-5 ......................
  3. A cornucopia of colors........... Plus, some cool rocks. Fist bump.
  4. I have to ask, at the point where the reel stops.......the line is not jammed down into the winds is it ? On my comments. I`m not trying to be nasty , just straight forward.
  5. I assume the problem was the reason you greased /oiled what ever that 5500c. You said, "it stops at a certain point...." same place all the time ? if yes, you might try the following. If I had that reel I`d fix it other wise my comments are a guess. Remove the pawl from line guide assembly. What that does is remove the pawl from making contact with the worm shaft. Some time there is a skin watcher under the pawl cap. watch for that. Some time! Make a cast and see if that thing still stops at a certain place. If the problem still exists , I`d say there is an internal problem. Go to U-Tube for a tutorial on tear down. If the problem has been corrected, I`d say either your pawl or worm gear is bad . In some cases ...both. Accessing a problem after some one has worked on the reel is never good. Meaning if you were good at reel work you would have fixed this thing. Hope my "possible" corrective action helps get your reel problem corrected
  6. Props to all.............. Certainly some great entries.
  7. It has a quiet look. Not gaudy . The eye is perfect ! The touch of red on the gill plate helps accent the area. That pattern in a Rattle trap would be killer. IMO of course. Very nice.
  8. Really like the trans lucent look . The look and the color tones go well together. That red one would look great skinning over big dollar pads.
  9. I`m a top water guy. Your presentation with off set hooks, redish eyes , double props in the rear (different) and paint makes for one cool TW lure. Fist bump.
  10. Everything right on target. Fist Bump.
  11. I love colors! Fist bump.
  12. Your top presentation (coco brown ?) swim bait is certainly one of a kind. In so far as the paint scheme goes. Perfect eye as well. You can look al through these pages and will not see anything close to that. Nice accent of your gill plate area. Hi-5.
  13. Do a search on :Find the spine on a rod blank. There are several links to your answer.
  14. Hi-5 . Nothing more needs to be said. I`d have gone with a longer shank treble hook set-up though. But that`s just me.
  15. Way harder than you think! Can be done of course but it takes a lot of trail and failure before you end up with something .......nice. Many steps from start to finish. Give U-Tube a look see might find a tutorial (audio/visual) on the subject. I`ve been at it for the better part of 50 yrs . Best part is I`ve made a couple of $$ building and re-furbishing rods . If you know somebody who does rod work... nothing like some OJT> There are other guys on here who do rod work I`m sure they`ll chime in with their suggestions. If all else fails, maybe your wife knows something!