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  1. Braided Line


    Interesting. Is the bill as big(thick) as it looks ? White. Orange. Black. Gold glitter. Red eye. Green/Lime. May not be the slickest lure around ...............But it has the look. "Come get me." Props.
  2. Braided Line

    6 rpm rotisserie motor

    Some hobby shops carry small motors. As noted by others, I have adapted an old grill motor and it did the job. Great for a stand-by but there are better small motors available.
  3. Braided Line

    Opening Hook Eyes for Chatter Blades

    Lots of ways as noted by others. For tapered punch. One hammer. Set hook on anvil ,flat. Put small end of punch in eye opening and give it a lick with the hammer. Continue till opening is the size needed. Temper The" lick" as needed. Nothing hard about this. If all else fails, try YouTube for a tutorial on the subject. Audio/visual.
  4. Braided Line


    Just a clean, not over done swim bait. Perfect eye. There are times when less is just right.
  5. Braided Line

    We have Citrus Shad so why not Citrus Craw

    Just goes to show what can be done with a basic pattern. Paint jobs are what makes or breaks a lure. For my money, your colors really make those puppies jump. Nicely done!
  6. Braided Line


    What`s not to like. Big hook. The skirt with all those colors....very nice. Looks like a football head. A flipping .....winner.
  7. Braided Line


    This "shell" pattern as I call it, comes up a lot. It gives the painter a license to do what ever they like. An abundance of color combo`s keeps this puppy from growing old. A bright, red-eye would have looked nice... J s/n. Like the PINK>
  8. Braided Line

    For the Deep

    With that bill You know that puppy will just disappear into the abyss. Very nice.
  9. Braided Line

    New Molds

    Those short body craws ( at least the body looks short) Would be great for flipping. Do a lot of that in Fl.
  10. Braided Line

    Presenting Crankbaits

    When possible, it`s hands on for me. If I can give it the hands on look over, The quality of the lure will stand out. Or not.
  11. Braided Line

    Old Dirty

    That one I like........
  12. Braided Line


    Outstanding paint scheme. A really nice creation. Hi-5.
  13. Braided Line

    Titanium Shad

    Now,that`s an ......EYE! Nicely done.
  14. Braided Line

    Dinger Wart

    Paint job.....check. Bug Eye......check. What`s not to like.......................
  15. Braided Line

    Thread finish of choice

    "Hard as nails."