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  1. Painted DT16.jpg

    That puppy should really get some depth with the big bill. Color combo matches nicely.
  2. tricked out crankbaits.jpeg

    I think your on to something. What ever you did, the end result comes across as a very fishable lure. The red-eye certainly helps. Not all that excited about the bill. Just a comment.
  3. spoon turtle side - mold used: tablespoon

    Plus you`ve got a man`s sized hook in that puppy............Perfect.
  4. fixing sprung split rings

    How to fix them when sprung ? Remove and replace. Those things are dirt cheap.
  5. Zoom Candy bug color?

    I believe if you do some leg work you`ll find a color match. It`s not a proprietary color.
  6. tualatin craw

    Would like to give you props but have no idea what you did as you didn`t say. As far as the "look" goes......... it`s spot on.
  7. Shad on 1.5

    Can`t tell what`s on the end of your lure but the main body is extremely well done. Very natural looking.
  8. Large dressed spinners

    In-line spinner. Kind of reminds me of one of the great ones .The snag-less Sally. The bottom one . That red skirt would do well here in Fl. Especially in pad fields. Nice........
  9. cedar cranks

    Of the 3 ........The one at 9 o`clock caught my eye. It`s got that Zebra thing going on..... very nice. Fist bump.
  10. Bottom Bugs.JPG

    Nice transmission................
  11. cedar cranks

    In the pic, the one at the 9 o`clock position.......... Have not seen one in the shade or pattern. Really catches your eye. Great combo............... Fist bump.
  12. Slounch Sayer MD.JPG

    That puppy is .............electric! Hi-5.
  13. 1.5 cedar squarebill

    Has a little bite of just the right stuff. Not over done. Clean, sharp looking lure. Fist bump.
  14. IMGP7966.JPG

    Red eye to start with. Body shade /green brow cap. Don`t know what to call that color on the body but it`s eye catching. Some orange buried on the body. As different as it can be............................ All that being said, The finished product stands alone! Well done.