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  1. You tube has what you looking for. That being an audio/visual on the set up of the unit in question. It`s there ,I just saw it.
  2. Braided line. Hi-speed reel. Rip those puppies through pads............ Get the net. skirt / head colors match nicely. 4 bladed prop. What`s not to like........ Fist bump.
  3. All you have posted have good definition . Plus, color tones make them very the fish of course. I`d fish those puppies till the color was gone. Flippin or pitchin. Fl bass love big ,bulky plastics. Very nice indeed.
  4. They look like they would have plenty of action. Scale pattern nice. Eyes , spot on. Fist bump.
  5. Start low on your power setting.
  6. If you haven`t already go on E-Bay Antique Lures. Maybe you`ll find your lure on there with a bid price. Plus, there are web sites on vintage lure care.
  7. The color got me....... Big pinchers....... Would be a great flipping/pitching bait. Fist Bump.
  8. Your pattern /paint scheme is almost spot on. That belongs in your man-cave. Fist bump.
  9. The finished product is one to be proud of. The big eye is really cool! Fist bump!
  10. Hi-5 !
  11. As usual your offerings are spot on. Color/patterns /eye selection combined delivers. I was thinking. If you put any one of those groups on a stringer and hung them in your man cave ..... that would look really cool! One other observation......middle fish in the pic above. No red eye. Hi-5!
  12. That puppy looks like it has a little weight. If so, would be great for schoolers as you could cast it a country mile. Nice..........
  13. Any time you start with nothing and end up with something....... deserves props.
  14. 10 lbs 12 oz. Hope you put her back. Hi-5.
  15. Whoa! Those are wicked. Rattle snake looking. Red eyes. All of your presentations are really outstanding. Hi-5 ......................