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    Fishing for bass in all the lake chains in and around central Fl. Including the "big" lake....Okeechobee.
    Plus many sections of the St Johns` River.
  1. 20180410_215545.jpg

    Outstanding paint scheme. A really nice creation. Hi-5.
  2. Titanium Shad

    Now,that`s an ......EYE! Nicely done.
  3. Dinger Wart

    Paint job.....check. Bug Eye......check. What`s not to like.......................
  4. Thread finish of choice

    "Hard as nails."
  5. Tomo River, Colombia

    I`ll bet that puppy put a twang in your string!
  6. IMG_5521.JPG

    Can`t tell by the pic, but if has the body type of a rattle trap..........................That puppy would be a go to lure here in Fl. Looks to have some serious hard wear on it as well. Nice paint scheme. Very nice.
  7. Sunfish

    Hard to "pick one" out of all the really nice offerings. Talent shows! I have none, so I appreciate what others can put together. The full body of yours caught my eye. Looks like a solid hook as well. Nice mix of died hair. What ever. Finished fly. Grade-A Strip.....Strip..... set the hook!
  8. IMG_9519.PNG

    I`ll bet you did a lot sanding on that RAT. From idea to finished produce. Your efforts paid off. Very nice.
  9. DSCF0443.JPGred segmented lure

    Generic body style. But effective. It`s the paint job that catches my eye. If I can see it, I can work it. That puppy will catch fish. Well done,

    I fish a lot of blade baits. Were I fish they pay off in spades. Weedless hooks. Nice touch. Different line ties. Different action. Home made.....metal work, nice. Lots of paint combo`s available. Nicely done.
  11. Seems like you had a paint scheme in mind and were able to transfer it to your lure. Nicely done.
  12. Purple Jigging Spoon 20171203_141554.jpg

    No doubt in my mind that would be a killer on schoolers. Plus, you can cast that thing a mile. Very nice.
  13. Swingtail Spinner

    In line spinner. Nice sized blade. Really like the Grub/skirt combo. That puppy would be a killer in grass /pad fields here in Fl. Fist-Bump.
  14. Crazy 8

    Almost has a Sturgeon face. To me anyway. Looks like you have the feel for that type body design a far as paint scheme`s goes. Look great. Well done.
  15. IMG_9498.PNG

    Really like how you included the bill into your design. Like the flat look of your paint scheme as well. Never did like that type of eye though. That`s on me. Fist Bump.