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  1. Braided Line

    Spring Gill

    A nice integration of color tones. That green eye just finishes the "look."
  2. Braided Line


    All the lures you posted are great eye-candy! The colors , which cover a wide spectrum , makes each one stand out. Your imagination with those colors, certainly deserves a Hi-5!
  3. Like some, I strip the rod of guides and deep six the rest. As I make my own rods, parts are always welcome. Also save some cork for fill mix, on other handles.
  4. No to your question. For me it`s cheaper to paint my own.
  5. Braided Line


    Your presentations, all of them are really nice to look at. That`s one of the first things that catches your eye! I`m a color guy. You got me. Really, nicely done ! Fist bump.....................
  6. Use the correct stuff made for gluing tips. Does it`s job and can be heat melted for an easy off as well. Not to much heat through. J s/n.
  7. Looks like an up grade on the Gay Blade. Great colors on all you have posted. That would be a killer on "schoolers" on the St John`s river. Hi-5.
  8. If ever there was one made thinking out side the box.......that`s it! You nailed, "ORIGINAL." Hi-5.
  9. Braided Line


    That would be a great shallow water lure with a shorter bill. Either way, the tone of the green gives this lure a totally look. Nice work!
  10. Braided Line


    This one is way to cool! Has the "look." Once again, the red-eye, is the cherry on top! Fist bump.
  11. Braided Line


    You hit his one out of the park. Course, the red eye see`s all. Hi-5.
  12. I have e-mailed manufactures in the past . Most have a customer service contact. I`ve asked similar questions. Storage conditions and shelf life. Any other question I might have. I`ve been lucky in that I almost always get a solid reply. Certainly has been helpful. Some have an 800 number. Talking to a service rep is even better.
  13. Braided Line


    Interesting. Is the bill as big(thick) as it looks ? White. Orange. Black. Gold glitter. Red eye. Green/Lime. May not be the slickest lure around ...............But it has the look. "Come get me." Props.
  14. Some hobby shops carry small motors. As noted by others, I have adapted an old grill motor and it did the job. Great for a stand-by but there are better small motors available.
  15. Lots of ways as noted by others. For me.....one tapered punch. One hammer. Set hook on anvil ,flat. Put small end of punch in eye opening and give it a lick with the hammer. Continue till opening is the size needed. Temper The" lick" as needed. Nothing hard about this. If all else fails, try YouTube for a tutorial on the subject. Audio/visual.
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