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  1. Both of your presentations are nicely done. Plus, the skirts are a perfect match for the heads. Nice big bend hook. Those puppies will get the job done.
  2. You might try YouTube for starters. Might find a tutorial on the subject. Audio/Visual. Very helpful.......... Restoring rods of any age is really simple ...........if you have the experience . I don`t say that flippantly .Just straight forward. Looks like you have none so I`d say you have a long road to hoe. Once you gain the know how, it`s a most rewarding venture. I was lucky, I had a friend get me started back in the early 60`s and down the road I went. Repaired many a rod over the years. Great hobby.
  3. Getting the job done is all that counts.
  4. You didn`t say but I assume you did the paint job. Love all those colors! The eye/gill plate area perfect . Red hooks........ I`ll bet that puppy has a cool wiggle. Just a nice looking bait.......
  5. You won`t find anything close to your presentations any where on this forum! Love that red eye. I take it the rear section ......spins . Now that`s cool. Stout hooks as well. You tested your thought process................. Fist bump.
  6. The color combo`s on both of your offerings is outstanding! Way past the norm usually presented. You stepped up on those 2. Hi-5!
  7. Barlow`s tackle............ Eye`s, plus.
  8. At one time I rigged up an old GRILL rotator motor. Worked fine.
  9. The coloration is perfect.......... The big eye finishes it off............... Plus,it`s nice to look at.......... Fist bump.
  10. Your pant job is spot on! Fist bump.
  11. Rods are more of a personal choice. No matter the chore. 2 piece, one piece, length, action and handle type. I have no idea how much experience you have but I`d suggest you go find you a store that has rods and feel, shake and give it the once over. Nothing beats ," hands on." Find like! J s/n.
  12. You tube has what you looking for. That being an audio/visual on the set up of the unit in question. It`s there ,I just saw it.
  13. Braided line. Hi-speed reel. Rip those puppies through pads............ Get the net. skirt / head colors match nicely. 4 bladed prop. What`s not to like........ Fist bump.
  14. All you have posted have good definition . Plus, color tones make them very the fish of course. I`d fish those puppies till the color was gone. Flippin or pitchin. Fl bass love big ,bulky plastics. Very nice indeed.
  15. They look like they would have plenty of action. Scale pattern nice. Eyes , spot on. Fist bump.