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    Fishing for bass in all the lake chains in and around central Fl. Including the "big" lake....Okeechobee.
    Plus many sections of the St Johns` River.
  1. Quantum smoke

    You may want to look at YouTube for a tutorial on tear down of that reel. Audio/visual may be available. As you stated, "you`ve never taken one of these apart." Never hurts to have a little help.
  2. Crab Apples.jpeg

    That color really jumps ! No doubt all are fish catchers...................
  3. Telescopic Musky Rod

    If you haven`t already, Do a search for ......collapsible surf rods. They are available. Could be an alternative choice. Lots of different actions and lengths.
  4. Lure painting for starters

    Ask your question using YouTube. Tutorials with audio/visual information. Good stuff for a beginner . Just a suggestion.
  5. Copper / Onyx Craw - Oracle Lures

    Got my attention. Nice mix of colors. For me, a perfect flipping/pitching bait.
  6. DSCF0005.JPG

    A pale looking trap. Certainly different . A bass catcher no doubt.
  7. 2.25 Silver Fish jacobs molds

    Have nothing of value to offer. Go with what you have.
  8. 2.25 Silver Fish jacobs molds

    Would be a solid plastic for schooling bass.
  9. carp glider

    You like it. We like it ................ Group Hi-5.
  10. Painted DT16.jpg

    That puppy should really get some depth with the big bill. Color combo matches nicely.
  11. tricked out crankbaits.jpeg

    I think your on to something. What ever you did, the end result comes across as a very fishable lure. The red-eye certainly helps. Not all that excited about the bill. Just a comment.
  12. spoon turtle side - mold used: tablespoon

    Plus you`ve got a man`s sized hook in that puppy............Perfect.
  13. fixing sprung split rings

    How to fix them when sprung ? Remove and replace. Those things are dirt cheap.
  14. Zoom Candy bug color?

    I believe if you do some leg work you`ll find a color match. It`s not a proprietary color.
  15. tualatin craw

    Would like to give you props but have no idea what you did as you didn`t say. As far as the "look" goes......... it`s spot on.