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  1. wow you could not be any more wrong than you are with that comment. he is one of the most helpful guys in this hobby and will give you the shirt off his back to help a builder out. was at a plug show with him last year and let me tell ya he had every plug he made that year with him and gave not sold gave every one away. he was answering all and every question thrown at him. say you pick up one of his plugs and ask wow how do you get that look he would tell ya and than say go on keep that plug. so long story short ever judge someone with out the facts OK.
  2. awesome thanks and got it already... been talking you up a lot to some other builders and sending them your way. thanks for a awesome sealer and best wishes.
  3. good luck i was trying for two weeks to place a order:censored: and finaly went with a diffrent process..
  4. hay buddy i need a new supply of the goods lol kimbermaria@comcast.net
  5. OK whats the next best clear to use other than dn???? i use the etex now and looking for something i can spray on to speed things up. i wanted to got with the dn but customer service just plane out suks...... so any and all info would be great im willing to try anything other than brush one clears...
  6. any place i can just go and buy the stuff?? like in a store or something????
  7. hay im also from nj and live close to lbi. i would love to see this stuff in person on a few of you baits. im in the middle of looking for a new clear for my striper lures and hope that this is the stuff. any chance we can meet up????? i will drive out to you no problem.. thanks smitty.....
  8. hay thanks to all..... hay clam thats the deal im hope to do this weekend if the weather holds up. i live 2 mines from lbi so i have tuns of testing grounds lol... if your ever in the area let me know we can hit the surf and bag a few striper's this fall...
  9. well thank you ... its still in testing but so far it has about 95% of the time it falls the right way on longer cast's it will flutter close to the bottom if you keep the rod low like a sting ray would swim. lift the rod up and it want to climb some witch i like cause when it falls its so gracefully and kind of fly's like a real flounder....
  10. well what do you think will ig fool the stripers???? its still in testing no paint... video of it in action...Remix for smitty919 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  11. just like Delw said you dont want to do the % thing.. if it sell a crap load you got to give him that piece of change if it dont sell he will be pissy and think you did not do you end of the deal...just give him a 1 time payment of what you think is fair:yay:
  12. i have been doing a lot of foil and am havein great results with it.. ac.more and Michaels carry a product called green leaf and red leaf as well as regular gold.. that stuff along with 3m spray adhesive its bullet Prof and super easy to work with.. i find that if you paint the plug a close color be for leafing it comes out better ...
  13. not bad not bad at all... the only thing i see is that it seems to have a lot of roll to it...... good luck with it....
  14. you want the way to fix it let me tell ya cause i had the same problem with bolth devcon and etex. it was from oils and or dust ...... shoot a clear coat over the plug and let dry befor you epoxy problem solved.......
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