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  1. texasboy

    crankbait lips help

    Thanks vman.and like you I also have a pool so I too can test my new baits.When my Mom is not looking:) thanks
  2. texasboy

    crankbait lips help

    I'm just about to add a lip to a new crankbait I carved.This is the first time I've done this,so I'm a little nervous.Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.Also does anybody know of a website that might have pictures on how to do this?Being new I like to have a visual guide to get started
  3. texasboy

    new member

    with the way those first baits look,I can tell you right know you do
  4. texasboy

    Quotes for Lure Makers

    there is nothing diffrent between you and a pro,a pro just knows how to cover up his mistakes-texasboy Gainesville,TX I found this to be VERY true when working on a house:)......oh I forgot something aroud here perfection is usually good enough:) If at first you don't succeed try try again...and when that doesn't work go to tackleunderground.com,which is what you should have done in the first place:)
  5. texasboy

    What Do You Fish For and Where?

    I fish for largemouth,and white bass,Most of my fishing is done on a small lake close to my home.When I say small I'm not talking about the fish.This lake holds tons of largemouth over 7lbs,it also holds a 28lb largemouth bass that they found after shocking the water:) which is why I'm not going to tell you what the name of the lake is.I might.......once I catch the big one:)good luck
  6. texasboy

    new member

    and try not to raise the entry level to high, I still want to get in
  7. texasboy

    new member

    nice job hope mine look that good when I finish them
  8. texasboy

    help a beginner

    Don't worry Vodkaman,I always intended to carve my own lures.I also knew Bobp did not want to scare me away from making my own lures.He just gave reply to my question about how to get started
  9. texasboy

    help a beginner

    Bobp,don't worry I didn't think you were trying to steer me away from anything:) what I posted last night was just to state what my problems were with ceder.I followed your advice and went to Jenns Netcraft and bought a few balsa bodys,thanks
  10. texasboy

    help a beginner

    thanks man but the problem was not that the ceder was too soft.ceder is a wood that ,a:has a lot of hard knots,and b:when you try and put the hardware in will spliter very easily.Thanks though,will try Jann's Netcraft.Does he have a website
  11. texasboy

    help a beginner

    hi, I'm new to this website,and making fishing lures so I just want to ask a basic questin? Whats the best way to get started in making crankbaits out of balsa wood?I'm fairly good with a knife and had tried to make some out of some ceder but never got anywere,thanks