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  1. fish4life

    Photo Finishing Foil and Faux Finishes

    does any type of tissue paper work or is there just one certain kind that works? Dane
  2. fish4life

    Making Fiber Optic Eyes

    ok thanks i will make sure to be careful. great tutorial
  3. fish4life

    Making Fiber Optic Eyes

    what size of fiber did you use in your tutorial? Dane
  4. fish4life

    Funny things that fish eat!!

    This is just a crazy(True) story about what the fish ate i was fishing at a little pond and im reelin in my lure and all of a sudden a largemouth bass hits. So i bring him in, but my dad is all the way on the other side of the pond and he wants to see it so with the fish still hooked i let him back in the water. Once my dad is about 15 feet away the fish just went crazy splishin and splashin and im like " what the heck" so with an even bigger fight i bring him in. But while the bass was out in the water another 17 incher was jelous of the 1st bass's catch and went for the lure as well. when i got the fish on the shore i saw what had happened one 17 incher on the front hook and another 17 incher on the back. 2 fish for 1 lure. true story it was funny to see
  5. fish4life

    hey everyone

    Thanks again for the info BOB and MARK . MARK, HAHAHAHAHa i will make sure to ask her for it!
  6. fish4life

    hey everyone

    Ok thanks for the info i appreciate it!
  7. fish4life

    hey everyone

    Hey every one this is my first post and i just want to say "man im glad i found this site, its great" i just got in to lure making and im already hooked im very young and ive already learned so much about it . I have 2 quick questions i got a badger model 360 off the garage sale if anyone using the 360 could give me some advice on it that would be great and my sister has a boat load of nail polish could i spray that through the 360 or 155 (anthem) models thanks Dane
  8. fish4life

    Badger Garage Sale

    Thanks for the info on the brushes
  9. fish4life

    Badger Garage Sale

    Im new to airbrushing but i want to get better can any one tell me what would be a good airbrushes to buy off the badgergarage sale im looking for a couple. For those of you that hav recieved your airbrushes did they come with all the nessicary accessories? Thanks Dane