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  1. Cuttem Jack

    Amma Bama lure info

    I have bill's number if you want to call him. Pm me if interested.
  2. Cuttem Jack

    Plastic oil removal

    I had to buy certain tails through bass pro due to other colors not sticking, however bass pro doesn't sell red tails. I really didn't want to add a coil, but it looks like that's my only option. Unless I want to start pouring my own but that's a whole other issue. I have enough on my plate now. I tried heating the cut end, acetone to clean and nothing seems to be working.
  3. Cuttem Jack

    Plastic oil removal

    I will look for it. Is there a brand name?
  4. Cuttem Jack

    Plastic oil removal

    I make musky gliders with a plastic tail. I had a request for a special color tail and when I received them they were coated in oil. I tried washing off with rubbing alcohol and dawn dishwasher soap to no avail. I need to glue them on to the back of the bait and I use pro soft bait glue with accelerator. Would not stick so I tried two different types of crazy glue and still didn't work. Any suggestions to clean them so they'll stick? Or if someone can pour me some 8 inch tails like these? Much appreciated!
  5. Cuttem Jack

    Twitchbait what am I doing wrong

    Put a square lip in. Those round lips are what's giving you the slow wobble with belly roll.
  6. Cuttem Jack

    Airbrush needle removal

    I push mine out through the front when cleaning. Put it back in through the rear.
  7. Cuttem Jack

    Holographic fish scales

    Looks like a lee lures pelagic in whitefish.
  8. Cuttem Jack

    Centering Ballast Holes

    Yes a use a compass and scribe my centerline and an awl to mark my weight holes. I'm using a 1/2 forstner bit in 3/4 stock. I'm making musky lures so I have multiple ballast holes in each one. I'm sure my forstner bit is a bit dull as I've drilled hundreds of holes with it and my vise is probably not the best. I'm going to get another bit and see if that helps.
  9. Cuttem Jack

    Centering Ballast Holes

    Im having issues with getting my ballast holes drilled dead center. I'm using a vise and a drill press with Forster bits but it seems one or more will not be dead center. I'm using a micrometer to measure each one and it seems at least one will be off. Just wondering if anyone had any tricks to help.
  10. Cuttem Jack

    Possible New Clear Coat

    Watch what you mix this in. I had it eat through a plastic cup this morning and got it all over my garage floor. So far not impressed at all.
  11. Cuttem Jack

    Possible New Clear Coat

    I checked them this afternoon and could finally shut the turner off. Website says to let first coat fully dry before applying second coat. With etex I never let the first coat fully harden. What are you guys doing?
  12. Cuttem Jack

    Possible New Clear Coat

    I just tried it last night for the first time. 9 hours later and still tacky. It is on my lure turner in an unheated garage. I'm hoping it was the temperature that has them still tacky but am getting concerned. Last night low was in 50's. Want to add second coat(musky lures) but from what I read it says to wait until first coat is completely dry. Not sure what to do. Any ideas?
  13. Cuttem Jack

    Looking For Small Belly Weights

    Could you use drop shot weights and cut them to size?
  14. Cuttem Jack

    What Better Time To Work On Cranks?

    I work the night shift too and do all my building on my days off after 10pm. I'm usually downstairs until 1am or so. Don't do much during the work week other than some epoxying.
  15. Cuttem Jack

    Making Eyes

    Here is what I do. I use e-tex that is left over and pour it into my empty contact lens containers. I wear disposable contacts and keep them all. I usually make 6-10 at a time. Here is what they look like when I put them on lures.