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  1. lurecolourstudio

    Anyone know what happened to his site. It's not up any more?
  2. Balsa wood screw eyes

    Thanks guys, That's what I was hoping for!
  3. Balsa wood screw eyes

    Want to know if screw eyes will work in balsa woos. Don't want to use through wire. I'm thinking if I put the screw eyes in first, then seal the body, paint etc. that will help hold them in the soft wood? Anyone have expierence with this? Thanks in advance.
  4. 702 Bt Craw

    Thank You, I didn't think about that. Just saw two sizes of claw molds.
  5. 702 Bt Craw

    You guys using the 702 craw, are you using the 3 or the 3.75 mold?
  6. Lead Ingestion By Waterbirds

    The fact is that most people are dumb! If they hear something enough times they will take it for fact. This is how PETA, Humane Society and other organizations make money. Take a small cute animal, puppy or cat and tell the world how your going to save these animals and people will send you money without knowing if your doing anything or just putting the money in your bank account!
  7. Mold Storage

    I use the plastic storage boxes you can get at Wal-mart or Menards. Have 18 different catagories. Big swim baits, small swim baits, large worms, small worms, crappie stinger tail, crappie boottail, etc.
  8. Solarez Uv Top Coat

    Mark, If you coat the bills; how do you keep the line tie clean? I dip mine like you do, when the dripping stops; I walk outside in the sunlite and turn by hand for about two minutes; them put on a lure turner for a hour; then hang the bait up.
  9. Enforcer Bait Molds

    Love his molds, as all has said good products at a fast return. Just wish I had more money to buy more!
  10. Hardest Scheme To Paint

    Everything that, reqiires shadeing is hard for me! I'm color blind to shades (can't pass a color dot test). That being said; I'm finding it's better to use transparent colors than opaque. Well, try, try, try again.
  11. Loved this video! As someone starting to build my own crankbaits, this helped a lot in telling me the steps to follow.
  12. Bass Pro And Cabelas Baits

    Since these are cheap baits, thinking about buying and repainting them, if they are good. Anyone tried them? Are they better than most KO's ?
  13. High Rock Molds ?

    Thanks for the info.
  14. High Rock Molds ?

    Anyone know if they're still in business or what happened? Their web page and facebook page have been dead since the fall of 2015.