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  1. I need help QUICK!!!

    do you have a hardware store around you? try them they should have it. like a franks hardware or ace hardware. i've found it there before. good luck muskymachine
  2. Thompson's water seal

    never tried it. But i do use sanding sealer and it works well. I think alot of guys use it. give it a try and see how you like it. MuskyMachine
  3. Screw eyes

    I have not had any eye screws fail that i have not epoxy'd in. But i have had them turn. And have landed many mid 40's (muskies) on my lures. But i also do epoxy them in too, depends on the lure. I also think that placing the eye screws through the grain of the wood, not with the grain. Also helps hold them in place better. Just my opinion to try to help you out. Hope it helps Musky Machine
  4. Pin & Screw Eye failed.

    I use stainless pop rivet's. I just separate the pin from the body and there i have two pieces to use. The pin for swimbait joints and the body for inserts for the tail section on my musky top water baits (top raider style). I hope that this helps you.
  5. airbrush

    Thanks for all the help. My choice will be a lot easier now.
  6. airbrush

    which one would you prefer for doing musky baits siphon or gravity feed. Iwata or paaschse? thanks for any info
  7. altering a muskie bait

    Finlander that is what i did for a friend of mine that had the tail come apart from sitting in the sun. I think the hook up percentage will be better with a treble and grub.