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  1. Tons of great lures! Congrats to all who was fortunate enough to win! The competition gets tougher every year
  2. foxbites

    4" goby

    Here are my 4" gobies. I made the blank from sculpty clay. The mold is a one piece silicone mold.
  3. foxbites

    Bass candy

    Here are my swimmers. They are 5" long and have a single #2 treble hook. Hand carved wood master was used to make the master mold. Depending on the action I want, they are slow or fast sinking.
  4. foxbites


    Here are my buzz shad. The overall length of the bait is 6" from line tie to rear hook. Hand carved wood blank was used to make the mold. There are resin bodies with a delta prop blade.
  5. There are a bunch of great lure builders here on tackleundergroud. I consider myself a true lure builder. I turn or carve all my lures from cedar. I cut all my own lexan and in some cases metal lips. I paint all my lures myself. I guess alot of people have a different meaning of the word custom. I talked to a guy while fishing a while back, we got to talkin about lures and fishin' and he said he makes lures. So I asked that's awsome, he proceeded to show me some of his lures. I noticed right off that they was a production plastic bait. He said he paints them. His meaning of the word hand made was just painting a lure. Lure makers are a different breed, we've always got an idea for the next big bait and that's the one thing that keeps me making lures. It's the challenge of lure making that keeps me going!
  6. Congrats to all the winners. Keep cutting, carving,pouring, and painting! Lots of talented lure builders here
  7. Here's a 4.5" bull shad in my bluegill pattern
  8. Here's my 7.5" largemouth pattern swimbait. Its carved from Spanish cedar, 2/0 VMC hooks, stainless steel screw eye hinged, 2 ton top coat, and the lexan tail is free floating for more action. This is one of my favorite patterns to paint
  9. Trying something new and a little different. The body is 4" long, hand carved Spanish cedar with thru wire construction. #7 Colorado main blade and #5 Colorado lower blade. Triple split rings paired up with 2/0 vmc hooks. The bait weights just under 2 oz. This is my gold perch pattern, paint over gold foil. A nice little muskie snack!
  10. Lots of good ideas, but for me January and February are my main lure making and designing months. It would be hard for me to catch and bass say on a topwater lure I made in January in Ohio! Like hillbilly said, our water is solid in the winter months.
  11. Here is my creepy' duck. It's 4.5" long, carved from Spanish cedar, air brushed, and clear coated with devcon 2 ton epoxy. It has Amber glass eyes and #1, vmc hooks. I made the wings and wing hangers from aluminum. Can't wait to catch some bass with this little guy!
  12. Very nice! And a nice story to go along with it
  13. foxbites

    IMAG1770 1

    Yeah, and a lot cheaper!
  14. foxbites

    IMAG2191 1

    Here are my 3" curly shad. Hand made pop mold.
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