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    Lots of good ideas, but for me January and February are my main lure making and designing months. It would be hard for me to catch and bass say on a topwater lure I made in January in Ohio! Like hillbilly said, our water is solid in the winter months.
  2. Creepin' duck

    Here is my creepy' duck. It's 4.5" long, carved from Spanish cedar, air brushed, and clear coated with devcon 2 ton epoxy. It has Amber glass eyes and #1, vmc hooks. I made the wings and wing hangers from aluminum. Can't wait to catch some bass with this little guy!
  3. 20130517 110135

    Very nice! And a nice story to go along with it
  4. IMAG1770 1

    Yeah, and a lot cheaper!
  5. IMAG2191 1

    Here are my 3" curly shad. Hand made pop mold.
  6. IMAG1770 1

    You do some crazy things for your girl. This is the first heart shaped blade I've made, I'm sure it has a good action!
  7. IMAG1573 1

    Here is a smithwick perfect 10 rogue done in green perch
  8. IMAG2188 1

    Here is my 5" creeper. It's lathe turned, with 3/0 mustad 4X hooks and 3X super split rings. Done in my red wing black bird pattern.
  9. top water squirrel

    Thanks guys. Have not had it on the water yet fishratz, most of the water is solid here in Ohio :-)
  10. 3" river crawlers

    These river crawlers are 3" long and have a nice action in the water. The river small jaws here in Ohio love em'
  11. top water squirrel

    This bait is 4.5" long and made of spannish cedar. I wanted to make something a little different and I can't wait to try this on out!
  12. Putting Fur On A Rodent Lure?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anybody has ever put fur or fake fur on a lure. I want to make a couple of different rodent lures and would like to know what to do to get them to look as real as possible. Thanks
  13. Catching - Fisherman Or Fish ?

    i have made some ugly crankbaits and they are my fish catchin' baits! I believe the action of the bait catches the attention of the fish not color in most cases. Just my 2 cents worth
  14. gizzard shad

    very, very nice!
  15. pvc swimbait

    thanks guys