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  1. There are a bunch of great lure builders here on tackleundergroud. I consider myself a true lure builder. I turn or carve all my lures from cedar. I cut all my own lexan and in some cases metal lips. I paint all my lures myself. I guess alot of people have a different meaning of the word custom. I talked to a guy while fishing a while back, we got to talkin about lures and fishin' and he said he makes lures. So I asked that's awsome, he proceeded to show me some of his lures. I noticed right off that they was a production plastic bait. He said he paints them. His meaning of the word hand made was just painting a lure. Lure makers are a different breed, we've always got an idea for the next big bait and that's the one thing that keeps me making lures. It's the challenge of lure making that keeps me going!

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  2. Lots of good ideas, but for me January and February are my main lure making and designing months. It would be hard for me to catch and bass say on a topwater lure I made in January in Ohio! Like hillbilly said, our water is solid in the winter months. 


  3. I use the chrome tape wal-mart sells. It is thiner than the chrome tape that they sell at lowes or home depot. The wal-mart brand smothes out nice. In my experience, I used etex and a few days aftrer I used the lure it started to peel off the lure. I then used dt2 and stuck great with no peeling.I don't know why etex don't like to stick to the chrome tape.

  4. has any one used loctite epoxy?:huh: I was at wal-mart today and saw this brand of epoxy. It is where the devcon 2t epoxy use to be. There was a 7min. and a 5min. both of witch say they have a 20 min. working time.

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