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    this is my balsa pigtail frog. you are right this frog lunges forward and the wood part of the legs make the baits "spit" giving it a little more attracting action. this is my first one i have made out of balsa. i normally make them out of cedar. i had to put a balast weight in the balsa frog to keep it from rolling. thanks for the comps :)

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    Thanks mark,I dont know how it swims yet. all the water here in ohio is solid! i just finished molding and making a pop mold 4 days ago. no reinforcement in the legs. i did think of that because were the legs meet the body it is fairly thin. i did not want to make it to thick because it would more than likely kill the swimming action. this is the first soft pastic frog i have made. had fun doing it! can't wait to get out and see how it swims.

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    I like the idea of a mermaid frog? It is very original, and I'm sure it will catch you fish.

    thanks for the compliments. i started making this lure in 2005. i have made many changes to this bait to get it to what it looks like now. i have caught many 5+ lb. bass on these. the black one being my favorite. i call it the pigtail frog.

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