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  3. here in ohio we have a chain of home improvment stores called Do-it center. they sell devcon 2ton. I also think true value stores carry it also.
  4. Sharpie fine point markers work fine with d2t, but smear when you use etex.
  5. I use the chrome tape wal-mart sells. It is thiner than the chrome tape that they sell at lowes or home depot. The wal-mart brand smothes out nice. In my experience, I used etex and a few days aftrer I used the lure it started to peel off the lure. I then used dt2 and stuck great with no peeling.I don't know why etex don't like to stick to the chrome tape.
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    hobby lobby also have etex. I think it is around $10.00 for the 8oz size.
  7. has any one used loctite epoxy? I was at wal-mart today and saw this brand of epoxy. It is where the devcon 2t epoxy use to be. There was a 7min. and a 5min. both of witch say they have a 20 min. working time.
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