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  1. I have 2,2 cavity beaver molds i bought from del. I stopped making them when RI was sending out letters to stop making them. Just wondering how much these molds go for. Not that i am going to sell them just wondering.Dave
  2. I found the rack in the trash. It is a food rack like you see in restaurants or school kitchens.
  3. Cincinnati Youth Bass had a tournament at Hidden Valley lake in Indiana.Tough windy prespwan conditions.The kids really did a great job.They are some great young anglers hooked on fishing.Little vid of some of the fishing and weight in. Cincinnati Youth Bass
  4. I leave the nubs but would just take a couple seconds to pull off.
  5. No,Its a hand pour mold. i have been pouring them for years.Great bait.
  6. http://www.lurecraft.com/catalog.cfm/molds/aluminum~molds~~~new!!!!!!/del~mart-molds/3-3%7C4-inch-thing-mold:2840 Hand pours real easy
  7. Delmart Thing mold.Get it from lure craft.
  8. I Have used a lot of brands of plastic. The only one that stinks is the stuff i just bought from spikeit.It stinks long after it`s cooked.Makes a great bait but stinks really bad.
  9. I agree with Bob.Why would he sell them if they Will not shoot.
  10. Cut it up before reheating.
  11. Nice Man.My favorite bait also.
  12. I have been using bears since he invented it.No problems.
  13. I have del`s frog. Great action.Also have bob`s or basstackle`s frog.Both great frogs.
  14. Get the measuring spoon set from lurecraft.This will really help from adding to much.Less is better.You can always add more glitter.You can add scent to your cooked plastic. Just squirt some in.Also add to finished baits.
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