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  1. Am not home at moment but it is from Tacoma, Washington. is a 30lb foam! yes! Very expensive !
  2. So you molded your bodies? I am carving from a block.
  3. I have been carving foam baits for awhile now and see nothing but advantages with them! I do not see anyone discussing foam bodies on this site! Just curious is there something I am missing? As buoyant as balsa, does not absorb water, easy to work with, no graining to worry about! Just to name a few positives off the top of my head! Love this site! Thanks
  4. Bought some brass rattles several years ago! attached to jigs! tried a few in Crankbait as belly weight and works great! trouble is only have 10 left!!! anyone know where some maybe purchased? Thank You!
  5. macstackleman

    Air Brush

    Hobby Lobby wouldn’t let me use the 40% coupon for the Eclipse! Did others get it ok?
  6. My friend looking for 1/2-3/4-1 all on one mold. you interested in building him one?
  7. Who builds a 5/8-3/4-1oz tube jig mold? thanks
  8. Question! Does the powder spray gun have a adjustable spray pattern like liquid? wondering if you can spray lines down the sides as well as spots. thanks!
  9. Just wondering what's up with Fishing Skirts!
  10. Have to call and talk to Bubba! tried to email said wasn't delivered. thanks
  11. Skirts Unlimited, Fishing Skirts out of stock on several colors! whats up with them? whoelse sells material with that kind of selection? i am getting in a bad situation here! thanks Macstackleman
  12. Sorry for being so late to respond! Have used these rings on all collars! and yes have put a drop of super glue on the ball collars! Sorry again! Have put the single rattle strap on behind the skirt also for strength!
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