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  1. bibrozalo

    Lure Drying Motors

    Here's the lureturner I build The motor is from disco lighting equipment. I mounted clips for electrical pipe on a bar The baits are screwed on a piece of pipe with a screw in it.
  2. bibrozalo

    Lure Drying Wheel Top Coat Application

    Her's my drying wheel, I put the bait on a piece of electrical tube we use here in Holland. On the wheel there are mounted clips where the tube fit in. After putting on the epoxy I just clamp it in and let the wheel do the turns.
  3. bibrozalo

    Drying Wheel

    Build my own drying wheel a few week ago. It is about 50 cm long and I can put about 40 baits in it.
  4. bibrozalo

    Need Elp Making Hard Swimbaits

    Here's a swimbait I built, The joints are connected with screweyes and a nail and I put lead in the middle of each joint. The hooks are on the front joint on the belly side and on the rear joint on the belly side. I hope it is some help for you.
  5. bibrozalo

    Swimbait Action Help

    Hello There, I made some swimbaits and at 1rst I connect the tail part also for the looks, but the action dissapointed me so I left the tail part away and the action was much better. The swimbaits I made are 3 pieces and put the lead ind the middle of each joint and the action is super. So if you want to trie the bait without the tail. succes,
  6. bibrozalo

    3 bream brothers

    I agree with fatfingers, I like to know how you did the scales.............? I think the pikes will like them