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  1. What Is This Color

    I'm about as low tech as it gets.I've foiled stick baits and used an olive drab Sharpie (which I have a hard time finding) to get a color that looks close to that,then Devcon finish.
  2. glider\swimmer

    I took the leap of faith and mounted the hooks at the 2 1\2 and 5 1\2 marks.I put the eye screws in at an angle so they wouldn't hit the hinge screws.Unfortunately winter won't loosen it's grip on New England and I'm having a bit of a poor spell .Once I get back on my feet and the weather breaks I'll get out a progress report.Thanks for all the input.
  3. glider\swimmer

    Thanks for the reply Mark.Just to make it easier to understand could you use the measurements on the ruler for the hook placements? 2 1\2 and 5 1\2 is that what you are thinking?
  4. glider\swimmer

    This is why I asked for help.I assumed putting hooks on the rear section would kill the action but both of you feel differently.The tail is a lure box divider.Your take on the hard tail is interesting. This was my first try at a swimbait. After making it I lost interest and put it away.Then I put my old lady shower curtain paint job on it and put it away again.Then I put scales\mesh on it and put it away again.Then I stripped it and Jig Skinned it.I made another one that I finished that is similar.I call it my summer bait-summer the times it works and summer the time it doesn't.Maybe if "we" can get this one to swim right, I can get the other one to be more consistent.Thanks for the input.
  5. glider\swimmer

    One of the things that I'm trying to avoid is hooks that tangle with each other.I have a lot of store bought baits that do this and it drives me crazy.I think that is poor design by the manufactures.I was thinking about using an eye screw for the pin and hook position in the second section and one around the 5 1\2" mark on the front section.Probably shouldn't consider putting a hook in the last section?Thanks for the response.
  6. glider\swimmer

    Need some guidance on hook positioning. You guys do more of this stuff than I do. It's wood (pine) with some ballast. Think it will sink when hooks are added. Just trying to avoid a lot of drilling and filling in the trial and error procedure. Don't worry, I won't speak badly of you if your suggestion doesn't work. Thanks in advance for any input.

    Being the worlds worst knot tier those paperclip lure connectors looked inviting so I got some in the different sizes.They worked pretty well until while using a Savage Bluegill,I set on a 20" pike and came back with nothing.I thought that the line had a weak spot in it causing the problem and proceeded to resupply and had the same thing happen .This time I had the fish on for while before it came off.When I checked the knot was still tied at the end of the line:it slid off the clip.Straight retrieve lures didn't seem to be affected but jerk and pause retrieves were.I thought a little recessed bump or a small stop where the line attaches might stop slippage.I got snagged once and was trying to break 20# braid when it came free.I thought the clip would have failed but was surprised that it was still proper shape.

    Interesting input.I've read this complete topic a couple times and how many times has the word" fun" been used?(I'll give you a hint-none) A lot of us just do it for fun.I don't have a problem with doing it for all the reasons mentioned previously but for me it's fun to do and being successful (catching fish) on a lure I made or repainted makes it all worth while.I don't know if the next great lure will come from someone on this site-lord knows that there has been a lot of discussions about physics and dynamics etc.What I will tell you is that information shared here has made it a lot easier for lure hacks like me to be able to be successful.So there is innovation within the process.Someone didn't wake up one day and invent the space shuttle it was a step by step evolution.How many times have we heard the story of two guys trolling with the same lure;same a amount of line out ;same line test,and one guy catches all the fish and the other guy doesn't catch a thing.Why?Was one a magic lure?Maybe that's the driving force for all of us-finding the magic.Good luck to all!

    Another site I frequent;slammers are the hot ticket and some of the pictures that are shown would make you guys cringe.They have so much hook rash that they are down to bear wood and they are still catching impressive fish.One guy (probably the best on the site) soaks a bait overnight so it will dive to a desired depth.I'd have to agree that action not beauty is the most important.Beauty catches the angler action catches the fish!I've got a tackle box full of lures that look good in your hand but don't produce.
  10. Foil experiments

    Foiling is a lot easier if the bait has textured scales (rehab)To make scales from scratch I use regular tin foil , a coarse file,and a wallpaper boarder roller to emboss a scale finish.Then Elmers spray glue to attach to lure.Can't get too aggressive with the foil because the pattern will flatten out.Just lay it on and let the glue set.I've been using Sharpies.They are kind of transparent,alot of colors to choose from,and pretty easy.To get rid of the hard edges lightly moisten a paper towel with alcohol and gently rub the area.The alchohol helps blend the colors and soften the edge.I can't paint so this works pretty well for me.Oh ya I coat the bait with Devcon epoxy to finish.Sometimes the original sharpie color fades when epoxied (usually light blue) Just redo the color when the epoxy cures and recoat.
  11. Gallery shout out Hard Baits Forum

    Always impressed with the beautiful (artwork) entries in the gallery.I would be afraid to tie one on for fear of a cast-off or bite-off.Keep up the good work boys!
  12. Hunting Cranks - theory, design and build

    Ah! luremaking the thing that keeps some awake at night.All this is way over my head and ability but I thought I'd throw this out there.The government wanted a extremely maneuverable aircraft.Gruman designed a craft with the wings that were backwards (actually forward)It took a computer to make 1000 adjustments per second to make it fly straight.I'm not suggesting computerizing a lure it's the approach.Instead of trying to make a stable lure unstable;try stabilizing an unstable one.Kind of like the one that got away on dave.Oh ya; I never heard any more about that aircraft either so that tell you something (easier said than done)
  13. Is there a way to thin and extend D2

    Let's put it this way then:warm it but don't let it get too hot--hows that?I have one of those Quartz lights,I think it has a 500 watt bulb.I put the D2 tube and the lure near the light for a couple minuites just to warm them.Then mix,apply,put on the wheel to cure.Works for me.
  14. Is there a way to thin and extend D2

    I only do 1 or 2 lures at a time and still was having trouble with the D2 getting too thick before finishing.My cellar is kinda cold (50's) which was causing the problem.Denatured alcohol works but I like to have a thicker coat so I warmed (not heated) the D2 before mixing and the lure and that helped a lot.
  15. Resin glide bait help

    Well we've hijacked this post pretty well(sorry about that) so I guess a little more won't hurt.In looking at a lot of how to make glide bait videos.I've noticed that most of them are flat sided Is there a reason for this shape?The wide glide isn't but most others are.I'm thinking that if moving hooks etc. doesn't work that maybe I'll flatten the sides and see how that works.And if that doesn't work I'll put a bill on it and make it a crank bait.