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  1. jflures

    Who's Near Big Northern Pike / Muskie Water?

    I live in Colorado and fish for some of the biggest pike in the lower 48! Also do some fishing for Tiger musky here in co! They are starting to stock them to control suckers and what not instead of pike! Pike are my Favorite fish!
  2. jflures

    Weighting Jointed Plugs

    I agree that you need to test every bait! Behind the bill and first hook hanger is just a starting spot!
  3. jflures

    Weighting Jointed Plugs

    I have built a bunch of 7" single joint baits for pike. I find that weight right behind the bill and then right behind the first hook hanger works best. View My Video Sorry the vid isnt the greatest but I did it myself
  4. jflures

    Etex Over D2t

    Thanks I will try it out tonight!
  5. jflures

    Etex Over D2t

    Hi guys! been really busy over the last few months! But Im back and ready to build some baits.. My first task at hand is to refinish a few baits that some pike tore up last year. My question is will etex adhere to D2T? I used D2T on all my old baits.. Cant find it here locally anymore found Etex and will be using it... Thanks guys!
  6. jflures

    New Top Coating Material

    What section of home depot do you find super glaze in? Is there a brand name?
  7. jflures

    More HardBass underwater footage

    Sweet vid man!!
  8. jflures

    how many people use side fins?

    For me personally I dont use the side fins. When you watch a fish swim the side fins are layed tight to its body. Only when a fish stops are the fins spread out.
  9. jflures

    Devcon an Acetone

    I use a heavier paper plates to mix D2T on. You can mix a bunch of little batches on one plate!
  10. jflures

    Devcon an Acetone

    It does not take more than a few drops! Denatured alcohol works great also. DA does not blush either!
  11. jflures

    Using Photo Overlays???

    ou will find all the info you need in the tutorial section. Look for phototfinishing!! Good luck!
  12. jflures

    Gluing Baits Together

    Not to Hijack this thread, but I have been using Gorilla glue to set my hook hangers and line tie. It works great, no mixing small amounts of epoxy, plus the little hole on the tip is perfect for sqeezing the glue straight into the hole! Let it dry completely then use a hobby knife to cut the dried stuff away! A little sanding and your done. I hung a a bait up with a 25# weight hanging from it, and it held just fine. Plus after you finish your bait with epoxy it will never move!! Just my
  13. jflures

    Spot placement

    I know where that bait shop is!! That topwater action for wipers is alot of fun out there! You should also try your topwaters for the Spots in shallow water, they love to tear up topwaters!!!
  14. jflures

    Spot placement

    @ Spoopa Right on my man! At least your baits are catching them! I still believe that you need to do what gives you confidence! If the spot catches bigger fish then thats what I would stay with!! I love fishing the P-lo rws I have caught manybig walleyes, wipers, spotted bass, Smallies and crappies. What bait shop are you located in? @Bobp Hey Bob I worked with the Colo Div. of wildlife biologists and asked them this very question. They stated that they are a "false Eye" and ment to confuse predators! Jason
  15. jflures

    Spot placement

    Spoopa, with you living in Pueblo West I bet you are refering to the spot on gizzard shad. (P-lo Res is full of them). The spot on shad is a False eye used in its defense against predators! If you have a school of 100 shad there are 200 eyes, and 200 "false eyes". These false eyes confuse predators in two ways 1. making them think there are more shad than are actually there. 2. making them look bigger! As far as needing them on baits I would say this is false unless the bite is real tough. (like it can get a P-lo) It a confidence thing!!