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  1. LakeMINISACHATackle


    Ha, I just bought (won) this lure on Ebay couple weeks ago! You did a great job. I'm very happy with it!
  2. LakeMINISACHATackle

    Peacock Bass

    Very nice!! Peacocks are my favorite to paint!
  3. LakeMINISACHATackle

    Format Change

    Is this why my gallery is empty?
  4. Why is my gallery deleted!!??

  5. LakeMINISACHATackle

    Refurbished paint and hard ware for a special order

    Refurbished paint and hard ware for a special order. This was the most productive peacock bass bait a customer of mine used in Brazil. It was very beat up so he paid me to re paint a similar paint scheme. It's nickname was the" Alley-Cat"
  6. LakeMINISACHATackle

    "CAO Cigar Bait- Walleye"-Tribal paint scheme-display

    "CAO Cigar Bait- Walleye"-Tribal paint scheme-display
  7. LakeMINISACHATackle

    "America CAO Cigar Bait" Peacock Bass

    "America CAO Cigar Bait" Peacock Bass
  8. LakeMINISACHATackle

    Bill Lewis Super Trap custom coloured

  9. LakeMINISACHATackle


    The red/gold one I named "Rabid Chipmunk". Used some gold Diamond-Back Rattle snake eyes on him.
  10. LakeMINISACHATackle

    "Peacock- Scuttle BUG" with GATOR EYES

    Sold this to a guy heading to Brazil to catch Peacock Bass. I hope they are CANIBALS and he catches a nice one with my lure!
  11. LakeMINISACHATackle

    Some Muskie plugs I made for trip to Eagle LAKE, Ontario CANADA

    Typo- "Baby LOON"
  12. Our guide told me "Baby Loom" was a hot Color scheme so took a stab at it.
  13. LakeMINISACHATackle


  14. LakeMINISACHATackle

    Fantasy Perch

    Very cool
  15. LakeMINISACHATackle

    my newest good ol' boy

    I like it!