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  1. Stirred it up and it works fine. Also found a bottle of hardener from the old stuff. Tested a little in a batch and again, worked as it used to.
  2. Thx people. I'll put my paint mixer in a drill and stir the crap out of it.
  3. I found a couple old buckets of plastic. 500 extra strength and a 548 sitting in my outbuilding. Probably 2 yrs old. What do you think? Can I stir the crap out of it with a paint mixer on a drill or maybe add hardner to use this stuff? Thx Jay
  4. Hey people. Planning on moving to FL soon and want to get prepared. What's the productive colors for both sweet and saltwater? thx
  5. Thx guys Couple places putting these out. Need 6 to 10" or so. You hook them to a kite string so they bounce in and out of the water. That's what actually happens when the Tuna are chasing them. My buddy wants to try this technique here in NE. Seems to work down south. Guess I'm just going to buy a couple and make a fiberglass resin mold. https://carolinalures.com/products/yummee-flying-fish-9inch
  6. No one seen these before? Guess I'm going to have to make some.
  7. Anyone know if someone makes a flying fish mold? Thx
  8. Totally agree. Yes you can use any injector to push plastic into any mold. But if the nozzle isn’t IN the top of the mold your odds of squiring hot plastic on things such as skin tremendously increase. Let’s face it. This isn’t rocket science. You’re pouring hot melted plastic. It can be dangerous. To limit those dangers you do whatever you can to narrow the odds. For hand injecting having the proper fit nozzle tip into the mold where it’s protecting you from squiring hot plastic is a must in my book. I have done hand injecting using multiple vendors products. No it wasn’t a problem. After
  9. You might want to do a few tests before adding this stuff to a big batch. Fats that turn solid at room temps (bacon fat) as well as oils from foods (fish oils) can and will go rancid if not properly processed. Add some of whatever you want to add to your baits and then put them in bags. Put some in the sunshine on the counter and some in the shade for a couple weeks at room temp and you have a science project. WARNING: open the bags outside.
  10. Nice looking baits guys. Husky have you played with the tail end at all? Try making the tail end that attaches to the tail thinner? Kicking the tail out from the 90 it's on. If size isn't a big issue than a longer thinner part attached to the tail will give it tons more action in the back end.
  11. Not the ice your looking for but, I like making my ice colors look like ice so I only use highlights and .008 flakes in silver or hologram. I’ve found with each diff plastic I need diff amounts of tints. No problem adding them while it’s hot so I start off with a ¼ tsp per cup and add more if needed. Mixing tints makes some killer colors. White pearl belly, ice middle, with a thin dark back. Forgetaboutit. Like crack to fish.
  12. I mostly use large sluggo type plastics. I pop the hook straight through the lure a half inch back from the hose and let the lure free hang. Tried all kinds of stuff inside then to help rip outs. Lots of stuff works. I found these plastic eye things with bards sticking out of the shaft while with my wife in a crafts store. They work great but you need to time the cooling so you can add then at the right time and have them suspend mid lure. Fiberglass in sheets as well as pulled apart as in strans and added in larger amounts also helps with this issue but again. More work not to mention that cr
  13. Ditto that Jim. I made a spot on my bench that is 4 foot high to pour on. Got tired of leaning over and holding my breath while hurting my back.
  14. Everyone that sells plastic sells it. I have same issue and need some myself.
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