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  1. Hey sounds great,

    How many cavity's?

    Where are you located?



  2. macbor

    Divided Cup

    Sorry, "Concerned" with reheating Thanks Rich
  3. macbor

    Divided Cup

    Hey, I am in the process of making a divided cup for pouring swirls, I have read a lot about the process but I have a question. I am using tin as my divider, with a JB weld type product, if I painted the tin black with BBQ paint would I be able to reheat my plastic in the microwave I plan on heating up my plastic in two seperate cups and pouring it into my divided cup, but I'm concered with reheating????? Thanks for the help Rich
  4. Hey, You asked about putting salt in when you dip tube's.. I don't make tube's but I did read a tip about putting salt from your water softener inside the tube and the hook holds it in place, Just thought I'd chime in...:-P Rich
  5. Hey Black Blade, What part of Ontario are you from? I live in Cambridge, I now get my plastic from Mike, he's in Bellville Good luck, and if I can help you out just ask Rich
  6. Hey, Del's starter kit, works great to get you going...I bought 3 of them..:-P Rich
  7. Hey, I will take a couple if there still for sale? Thanks Rich
  8. Great fish, we are frozen solid here in Ontario, Canada, I'd love a rainy, windy, crappy day right about now!! Nice Job! Rich
  9. The mold was completely dry before sealing, and I have been flooding Maybe I
  10. I have made a fairly detailed mold, Goby head with a curly tail.. I have sealed it a number of time's 50/50 elmers and water Just tried to pour and my plastic is sticking and taring the bait Do I need to seal it better or take out some of the detail in the head I love the bait, well at least I think I will love the bait, if I can get one to work Any help would be great Thanks guy's Rich
  11. Bass Magnet Lures - Premium Custom Soft Plastic Fishing Lures & Baits They are very helpful, Rich
  12. Hey Tyler Use Elmer's glue mixed 50/50 with water, paint your mold it let it dry and repeat 2 or 3 times, works great!! Rich
  13. macbor

    Hello Everyone

    TU Canada welcome's you as well....:-P Hope you know what your in for...In a good way!! Rich
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