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  1. Stickman Baits

    ISO WTB Handpoured worm

    ISO somebody who can duplicate this handpoured worm in style & color wild junebug . I tried to put this in the wanted ads but couldn’t download my pictures. Contact me at thanks
  2. Stickman Baits

    Createx White Problem

    Op white for a base coat is gonna take several coats. I use sealer white because it covers better & has better adhesion qualities both mechanically & chemicaly. Use a glass bead from a necklace 6 to 10 mm Dia in the bottle for help mixing it won't corrode.
  3. Stickman Baits

    A Pretty Interesting Article.

    I do but the catch decreases dramatically for me in fishing a crankbait when the bait length is over 2 3/4" . I catch bigger bass on larger cranks but it will take more effort & time.
  4. Stickman Baits

    Base Coat Question

    I use Createx sealer white & heat set with hair dryer
  5. Stickman Baits

    Getting Rid Of Shiny Lead

    Draino does a nice job overnight
  6. Stickman Baits

    Hooks... Do You Sharpen?

    When I do re-sharpen my hooks I change the hook point to a chisel point the inside of the point ( barb side ) I flatten then angle the other sides into point making the hook point 3-sided and bring it all together to make a tacky sharp point. The reason for this is that I feel when I set the hook it goes in faster & makes a smaller hole the fish can't throw as easy as when the hook cuts a slot with other hook point shapes. Gammies are my favorites for upgrading
  7. Stickman Baits

    How many do you take and what lures?

    I take everything !!
  8. Stickman Baits

    Glass Eyes

    My friend carves duck decoys & is looking for glass eyes on wires, Anybody found any by accident ???
  9. I use Etex lite & turn them overnite & they're still tacky so I take 'em off the turner & put 'em in a small refrigerator that I gutted & wired in a 100 watt light bulb socket, I set a timer on the plug-in for 1 1/2 hours with 2 hour off then another 1/2 on. this will speed up my cure-time in a cool basement enviroment.
  10. Stickman Baits

    TU Etiquette Takers Vs. Givers

    Howdy My name is Vern Clements & I reside in Arenzville IL. I was catching alot of bass on a handmade crankbait that was available on the net, I lost everything in a home fire & when I began to replace my fishing gear I could no longer get my favorite crankbait, the maker quit & sold his bussiness. To make matters worse the new owner made some changes to the crankbait & I could no longer catch bass like it did before. I found a few on eBay eventually. Over the next 2 years I read everything, researched, created, trained myself to use airbrush to reverse engineer that bait. I was obsessed to say the least. I had never tried to create a hardbait ! I didn't have any carving experence nor any art training or exprience, pretty much ignorant of the whole process. My 1st bait in 2008 was very crude but did function, I caught a 5 fish limit on it on a highly pressured lake that weighed in 16 to 18 lb my kicker fish was 18 1/4" this was the 1st trip with "MY" homemade crankbait. NONE of this would have happened without the people/help of this web site !!!!!! I can never thanks you guys enuf................ever !!!! IT is impossible for me to describe the feelings I had when I caught those bass. I'm sure somebody out there on the lake with me that day wondered what the hell all that yelling, hollering & WHOOO HOOOO ing was all about. LOL THANK YOU GUYS SO VERY MUCH !!!!!! I now sell a few to my friends to help with my bass tackle addiction.
  11. Stickman Baits

    Measuring Devcon2

    I've always measured by volume, started by using a syringe but they got nasty & needed replaced often. SO, I began looking for an alternate measuring device. Now I'm using measure'n SS spoons clean 'em with alcohol. Work great & never need replaced. Popcicle stick used to remove epoxy from spoon.
  12. Stickman Baits

    Heat Setting Between Coats?

    I use the hairdryer between coats of Createx then when finished place them in an oven I made from an old small broken refrigerator, removed the compressor & wiring & installed a cheap light fixture & switch using a 100 watt bulb for heat source. 20 minutes or so in there does a nice job for me. Turn it on when I start paint'n & it will be hot when the painting is done.
  13. Stickman Baits

    2nd try @ crappie on my balsa bait

  14. Burrrrrr !!! -1* this morning