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  1. jatman1988

    Goby help

    you might want to take a look at stike kings goby magic color, in my mind it best immitates the real thing.
  2. jatman1988

    New depth finder recommendation

    At the $500 price point I would say a Lowrance lms 522c would be the best bang for your buck, especially if you don't have a good place to mount your gps antenna, it is internal on the 522 other than that it is the same as the 520.For double the money you can get into a side imange from humingbird, they are sweet but you will pay a pretty penny for the new technology.
  3. jatman1988

    How to splatter paint

    If you have an aztec airbrush there is a tip avialable for this effect. Its called a high flow spatter tip. I have to use thick paint to get mine to work good, so pre-thinned paints won't spatter as well.
  4. jatman1988

    Aztek Compressor

    First off stay away from that aztec compressor. I had one and sold it a garage sale for $2, thats about what its worth too. I have a 30 gal. 2 hp caftman in my garage, and have ran a line to my basement where I paint. A small pancake compressor is probably better suited for the job, but with a big tank you can spray for a very long time with out running the compressor.
  5. charcoal is a good biological fillter but you would want to use someting more like a hepafilter to catch over spray. I would always vent outside especially if you plan on using any solvent based paints and lacurs.
  6. jatman1988

    Painting Questions and Opinions

    i've only used laquer a few times, never on lures. Createx is a good acrylic to use because it sprays nice and come in a wide variety of color, and even sealer.
  7. jatman1988

    S.O.S-NEED HELP!! Bass bite trouble!!

    I've sat on bedded fish and went through almost all of my platics, and every time the tube produced when other baits didn't.
  8. jatman1988

    curado vs. revo

    I bought a new revo s last year, I love it. I got a new rod this winter and need a reel to pair it up with, I fish alot of worms and tube. Has anybody used both or have a preference.
  9. jatman1988

    air compressor ???

    My airbrush came with a platic adapter to fit 1/4" NPT threads, it broke and I contacted testors and they got me an airhose with a 1/4" NPT thread on it. It works great with my pancake compresor, but it is alittle nosiey though.