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  1. doesn't work well with water base paint. liquid mask has a water base anmd will let color bleed into it and leave a rough edge when removing the liquid mask.
  2. was lust wondering how a person can write if they can't read???
  3. The lead pipe you have will be the softest of what you bought. Compare it to the rest of the stuff and you will be able to tell the difference in hardness
  4. Just think how many fishermen there are in your state and how many lead sinkers and jig heads each of them loose each year. Now add up all the years each person fishes. How many tons of this toxic metal is there getting introduced into our waterways? Several years ago N.Y. banned the lead sinkers and i for one am glad the Environmental Agency is looking out for the health of my children and grandchildren and the fish i enjoy catching so much. I can't beleive for the couple extra cents it takes to use a different material that is safe to the enviroment and living things is being scrutinized like this. Would one of you be willing to eat a tiny sinker or feed it to one of your children. NOT ME.
  5. Hello, I just emptied my messages so it should work now. My son experimented on moving the hole in the blades slightly off center and it made it turn the opposite direction of the other one giving it more resistance and drag which makes it sink much slower allowing him to crank it in much slower. Thus longer exposure to the fish in that area. I will be going out to see him in a few days and will download all the pics he has of the fish he caught. I only have 1 pic of it and it is of low quality. I plan on posting them on here when i finally receive them for all to see.
  6. i had the same problem and he is right--- i trimmed the divider down a little so the colors came together just before leaving the pour spout and never got a hollow bait from there on.
  7. If The Motor Runs Full Speed In Reverse There Should Be Nothing Wrong With The Windings Or The Motor. Sounds Like Your Problem Is In The Handle Area Where Your Switches Are Or In The Wiring Going Down To The Motor. My Guess Would Be Corrosion On The Contacts In The Handle. Good Luck
  8. super looking bait. top 2 look very life like
  9. I didn't vote on the poll as i was trying to decide which way to go. After a great amount of studying others opinions both pro and con i would have no problem spending the small amount of fees each year and in return getting an amazing amount of valuable info. Great job and great site. Please do what ever you have to-to keep this site operating. Behind you all the way.
  10. I also got it. DELETED it as fast as i could.
  11. I usually adda little worm oil in the bag. it keeps them slippery so they lay straight.
  12. Heck of an idea i just may do that. lol

  13. You must feel real confident in your newfound lawyer that thinks he has all the facts but guess what??? He is talking through a paper a#$ho*^> He only knows the record was denied because of no license. My son went in personally and talked to NY and they said don't fill out the forms because it was an illegally caught fish because of no license. I guess you all have the right to your own opinions. No more responses to your negative posts. Next time you hear from me i will have the pictures in hand.
  14. the only difference with these rules is when it is catch and release only in new york during the spawn, you can measure it and weigh it on the scene with your own scales and apply with your own statistics from your own scale. This fish was weighed with his own digital scale which can be certified after the fact. Doesn't matter anyway cause he had no license but thanks for posting it.
  15. It was weighed and measured with the warden there but NY says no no no - you needed a license.
  16. Super fish. Must have been a blast to fight it. Congrads to your son.
  17. Thank you for the advice. I was just thinking about this mistake when i read your post. would have been alot better if i did wait but was so excited i decided to go ahead with it not expecting my son to take so long with the pics. Dam kids. lol With all the wise ass remarks it almost makes me want to say to heck with it but i won't. I can only imagine all the flack that will appear from all the experts that think they can tell how much a fish weighs by looking at a picture. Watch when i post them and you will see that select few that have to do everything they can to discredit it as they have done with there past replies. If thats what makes them happy then they have a very sad life.
  18. Scroll back and read yesterdays post and find out
  19. Guess i should practice what i preach. just went back and read it and i did put remote near the end, my appologies.
  20. Hmmmm, go back and read the original post again. It says a small pond. It is located near Albany and the people that do fish it fish at the end where there are no trees or bushes on a small beach. My son was at the other end where no-one fishes and no access other than winding his way through heavy underbrush where most city folk won't go. The warden saw him from the other end and went around to check him out. My son didn't see him at the other end and that's how he got caught. Bet he wishes he was more allert or had been a little wiser and got his license before fishing.. Oh well his loss. He has just learned a very expensive lesson. In NY it doesn't matter where you fish you are still governed by the fish and game laws accept for some private ponds of which this was NOT a private pond.
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