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  1. pat28

    Shocking... Where To Buy?

    Custom fees will hurt if you have this stuff shipped to Canada. Do a search on the forum to find canadian suppliers. Patrick
  2. pat28

    Do Any Of You Pour Baits For Muskey?

    All predator fish will sometimes grab small lures. They do work. However, if protecting the ressource is also a concern, then small lures cannot be used on a go-to basis as they get inhaled by the fish, and reduce release success significantly. Moreover, smaller lures mean smaller terminal tackle and hardware, and the mighty musky is known for testing equipment very seriously. I have seen three 6/0 trebbles open straight on a number of occasions. I normally use lures between six and twelve inches in length for muskies. You may adapt your lure to make it bigger. Pat
  3. pat28

    Easy Soft Plastic Making

    Check out videos. Larry Dahlberg shows how to make worms without a mold, using beadchain. Cool. Pat
  4. pat28

    Fathers Day

    The makelure starter kit is fine if you plan to make a few bass sized baits. You will quickly run out of mold making silicone. I have done the same kind of research to end up with the following conclusions. Keep in mind that I am mostly into large muskie baits, as this affects the results. More mold making material is better. I went with Smooth On as it was cheaper than many other brands, and have not regretted it at all, except the 5 pounds I first ordrred had to be backed up by another 11 pounds ordered three days later. Coroplast is available at all hardware stores and is very cheap. Plaster of Paris works well with simple designs, at least for me. Anything with great detail may not be up to par with silicone molds, but the price difference is major. I thus have simple models in PoP, and more detailed ones in silicone. Get at least twice as much plastisol as you first thought was enough. I just went through five gals. In something like six pouring sessions. This simply proves the addiction that one develops so fast. Order several colors in advance. Shipping fees are sometimes ludicrous on small parcels, so it is better to save on shipping by getting more colors to begin with. A dedicated microwave is a must. You (or your wife) will confirm this upon the first inhalation of fumes. The same thing goes for pyrex cups. And get a few of those to avoid having to wait for the plastisol to cool off between pours of different colors, especially for multicolored baits. Pat
  5. Also, a dedicated microwave, if you do not already have one. The fumes will prevent you from using the microwave for food. Or at least, that is what your wife will argue. :-) Pat
  6. Save on future shipping fees. Buy another 5-10 colors. At 5$ ea. , you would not want to pay 10-20 dollars in shipping just for coloring in a month from now. Pat
  7. pat28

    Grandma's Lures

    For some reason, after working with rattles for years, I am now a huge fan of silent baits. I guess the fish in my neck of the woods are somewhat negatively conditioned to rattles now with the increased pressure. Pat
  8. pat28

    Grandma's Lures

    Try to opt for just two trebble hooks on a six incher. Just upsize the trebbles. Less fouled hooks, and easier release of fish. Pat
  9. pat28

    Help Needed Alumidye Fluo Colors

    Alsworms, mixing color in cold alumisol is something I did not know. I will definitely give it. Thanks for the advice! Pat
  10. Hi guys, in my limited experience at pouring, I find that alumidye regular colors are very potent, i.e.One drop goes a long way. However, the fluorescent colors are giving me a hard time. Cannot seem to obtain a solid fluo color, from either fluo yellow, red, green or orange. I have tried several drops, and also a few drops of white to add to the opacity of the plastic. All I get is a shy, slightly fluo color, but nothing very bright or solid in color. I have mixed the bottles thoroughly. I find that they are much more difficult to get out of the bottles than the regular colors. Are they dry? Has anyone experienced the same thing, or does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Sincerely, Patrick
  11. pat28

    Super Lures

    In the musky industry, several lures are made out of wood. A minor variation in the density of one piece of wood, or else a small, hidden knot somewhere and it can make or break the lure's success. The terrible thing is that at 20-25 dollars each, you would want them all to work, but only a very small fraction of them have the je-ne-sais-quoi that makes them great. Pat
  12. pat28


    Large Sucker, Black finned emerald shiner.
  13. pat28


    Large Sucker, silver spirit. Comments welcome. (So fresh off the mold that the flash has not even been removed yet!)
  14. pat28

    Haywire Twist Making

    There is also a homemade jig for this in the tool section. Pat
  15. pat28

    Alumilite Question

    My (limited) experience. Thought 4 pounds would be overkill for a 10 inch muskie bait. Had to reorder to complete the mold. Look up Smooth On products. easy to work with, relatively affordable. Pat