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  1. ifish

    Fatfingers Flatshad

    Wow!! love the gold stringy thing!!
  2. Thanks guys. I was wandering if you could add the spike it UV. Will try it out. The powder tends to clump up a little. Thanks again!!
  3. Looks like $75.00 shipped for 5 liters. That is why I am asking around. They have it on ebay!
  4. I have been using a powder UV Blast to mix in my plastic and was wandering if there is something else. Did a search already and nothing came up in past posts. Also looking at Lure Solutions UV plastisol. Anyone trying anything new or different? Thanks for any ideas!!
  5. Looks like it is a black small bait then wrapped and re-dipped in clear. Just a guess!!
  6. ifish


    Wow, that dang thing is unbelievable. Nice paint and killer bait!
  7. That is fantastic. I have never seen anything that nice. Sure wish you had a video on that style of painting!
  8. ifish

    custom carbon Rod

    Wow. that is amazing. Very nice and bet you can feel a fly land on the tip!
  9. Cool patriotic bait. Nice job. Hand painted Eagle rocks!
  10. ifish

    004 custom colors

    Nice. Those are a pain in the butty to do.
  11. ifish

    Uncle Sammy Wants You

    First through wire with rattles. Carved western cedar.
  12. ifish

    IMG 0208

    Wow. That is a huge amount of work for the great detail. Very neat bait.
  13. ifish


    Fantastic paint, wandering where the scale pattern came from? Very cool bait!!
  14. ifish

    More baby Murray cod

    Those are wicked to say the least. Looks like a ton of work. I don't understand how that paint was done but fantastic.
  15. ifish

    another pumpkinseed

    Very cool paint. What overcoat you using?
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