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  1. I need help on the 301 Yamamoto. I will share some colors.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bass-Boys


      8 oz plastic



      28 drops green pumpkin - bait junky's

      8 drops root beer -- lure craft

      3/4 - .035 dash kelly green glitter

      1.5 dashes - .035  purple glitter

    3. Howard Real

      Howard Real

      Thanks ,I will do it tonight when I get off work . The normal Job that pays the bill that we have to do.  D o you need any help just let me know , I will do the best I can.

    4. Bass-Boys
  2. Bass-Boys

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    it shoots very nice !
  3. Bass-Boys

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    Les ,, these pictures are back by the tails where hook would go through.
  4. Bass-Boys

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    here are pics from the New Triple Dipper Tube Mold from A I . with very heavy salt .
  5. Bass-Boys

    Rolling tube tail cutter?

    I also see the paint roller flexing ,, ??
  6. Bass-Boys

    Zoom fluke Jr like mold

    Angling A i
  7. Bass-Boys

    Name of this soft stick bait ?

    Stinger stick !
  8. Bass-Boys

    giant red glitter?

    only 3 colors avail .
  9. Bass-Boys

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    I just ordered the triple Dipper mold.
  10. Bass-Boys

    yamamoyo baby bass color recipe

  11. Bass-Boys

    Rubber skirt material

    the ones I got from there are scored.
  12. Bass-Boys

    yamamoyo baby bass color recipe

    Yami - Baby Bass 10 oz plastic Salt 2 drops LC - Watermelon 2 drops LC - Yellow 2 drops Black 1 smidge - 015 Black flake 2 smidges - 015 gold flake
  13. Bass-Boys

    Broken alignment dowel?

    I would try it with 3 pins and see how it shoots.
  14. Bass-Boys

    Twin Tail Grub

  15. Bass-Boys

    Chicg magnet

    what ever you tried that was to dark -- use less,,, or what ever you used that was to light -- use more