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  1. Fat Ika Molds & Skirts

    These are listed on other sites too. 2- Del Mart Fat Ika Molds.. 8 cavites each Hand pour... Buy Both Molds for $ 150.00 . you get 1000 ,, yes 1000 FREE Skirts. thats over $ 100.00 in FREE skirts. asst. colors. add $ 5.95 Shipping Pay Pal
  2. Sprayed Grass recipe needed

    Al I was wrong on the name ... its Mowed Grass. its looks to be a mix of green pumpkin and watermelon its green.
  3. Sprayed Grass recipe needed

    Opps I guess I said it wrong,, yamamoto calls it "mowed grass"
  4. Sprayed Grass recipe needed

    Any body making Sprayed Grass like Yamamoto does . This is not a Laminate. Flake is --- .035 Purple,,, .015 Blue and .015 Green but not sure on the worm color ? thanks much Jeff
  5. Presto Pots with Stirrer

    I will have 2 of them for sale soon. Jeff
  6. Del Mart Thing Mold

    Delmart Thing Mold.. 2 pc. Hand Pour ,, 4 cavity. ( I have 3 of these -- 2 -4cav,, and 1 - 5 Cav ) $ 150.00 each,, FREE Shipping ,, thanks .
  7. Fat Ika Mold

    Yes sir I do .. sorry for late reply ..
  8. Fat Ika Mold

    1-- Hand Pour Del Mart Fat Ika mold -- 8 cavities ,,, also includes 100 hula skirts pay pal - email --
  9. Zoom Cotton Candy Help

    maybe light bubble gum ?
  10. Soft Plastic Bait Making Business

    Soft plastic bait making business. Every thing you need to hand pour and hand inject baits including shops that stock my items.Would like to keep it in Michigan or close so new owner can stop in to the shops in person.Only Serious buyers to reply. Posted price means nothing. Email -- or PM
  11. Color Help

    what about scumppernog ?
  12. Plastisol

    2 - Gallons Plastisol Medium - does have some bubbles when used in microwave.I still use it in microwave my self. $ 60.00 for both gallons and shipping is included to lower 48 PM or Email
  13. Wrong Plastic Ordered, Ugh

    order a small bottle of hardner to add to it.. also soft works good with senko's with added salt .
  14. New Brand Of Plastic More Transparent

    I did not have that issue with MF.. but I did with Do-It .
  15. New Brand Of Plastic More Transparent

    I talked with them about it.. they said that's normal.. said its a mold release..