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  1. Injection Mold

    Bait Junky's Small mouth Grub Injection Mold. Like new,, used very little.. $ 50.00 includes shipping to lower 48. pay pal

    did you find any molds ?? I have hand pour - NOT open pour --- senko molds for sale
  3. Who Makes this mold ??

    Yes sir, that's it. thanks much!
  4. Who Makes this mold ??

    Would like to buy this mold, But not sure who makes it? thanks Jeff
  5. 10-16 inch flat belly worm/snake

    I have 3- of the Lure craft molds I would sell. Part # 607 - silicone hand pour 13" ribbon tail worm 2 cav. Lure craft gets $ 19.10 each + shipping see pictures
  6. Baits are dull after packaging need help

    Every one -- used to say NO to mineral oil !! ??
  7. Issues with my injectors

    also clean and oil the shaft that the handle is on.
  8. Tacky Feeling??

    You need to stir / shake the plastisol a lot more. It settles and needs to be mixed well.
  9. Custom molds

    WOW< $ 146.. now thats a great price !!
  10. Drum Mixing

    what I do to get it mixed well and keep it consistent is, after it is mixed in the barrel I put apx 1 gallon in each 5 gallon bucket. Then I mix again and put apx 1 more gallon in each bucket then mix again and so on . This works awesome.
  11. Drum Mixing

    I remember one time a guy was telling us he used to roll the barrel on its side up and down the driveway.
  12. Do you need an injector for a senko mold?

    I hand pour all my senko style baits , I use 6 -10- cavity Del Mart molds. way less plastic ( sprues & runners ) to cut baits from.. I do not have to pull the injector apart after each mold. Some guys mite put the injector in a hot pot ,so they do not have to pull them apart, but I do not have one , So then you have all that plastic from the injector that needs to be remelted with the runners... Anyway I prefer hand pouring my senkos over injecting them.. I do have 3 injectors that I use a lot also but not on senkos.. just my way ,
  13. Do you need an injector for a senko mold?

    I have 2 hand pour molds I could sell you .. I hand pour all my senkos still... I do use an injector on a lot of stuff but I still love the hand pouring ..
  14. zoom color help

    what is a good match for the Spike it 109 ?
  15. Spike-it order

    I buy most all of my stuff from them ,, never had an issue since they started Lure Works in 2011 .