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  1. very hard to tell until it gets mixed and poured .. just make small batches til u get it rite .
  2. is having the clearest bait for the fish or the fisherman ?
  3. How are the glass beads on the aluminum injectors ?
  4. you can use it .. some people grind it up finer with a blender or some type of grinder .
  5. TJ, message sent .
  6. I personally spend a few hours just shooting tails. Lots of tails .. Package them up and set aside to have ready for when I do the bodies. Sometimes its weeks or months before I use um.
  7. make sure you do not suck air into the injector when filling it .
  8. yes,, stir it in til completely dissolved in the cold plastic. stir, stir and stir more .
  9. pour the same mix in a mold that is not do-it essential and see if it is better .
  10. and what do you think of the switch ??
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