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  1. Hi Trying to make 301 Gary Yamato.

    1. Bass-Boys


      green pumpkin to match gary yamamoto is 

      8 oz plastic - 



      28 drops green pumpkin

      8 drops rootbeer

       then add your  purple and green flake




    2. Howard Real

      Howard Real

      Thanks. I will take pictures.

    3. Bass-Boys


      what are you having issues with ?


  2. if you can not resolve the issue,,, they will fish just fine the way they are .
  3. the salt will settle to the bottom of your melting cup or pot - what ever you are using ..Make sure you stir it well before every bait you pour. Also its a good Idea to add 20-25% fresh new un cooked plastisol to them . .
  4. when saving left overs .... keep 4 different bags or containers 1-- blacks - when remelting add black color 2-- greens- when remelting add green pumpkin color 3- browns- when remelting add your favorite brown -- Pumpkin -- 4- purples / reds - when remelting add purple then you can have 4 different colors of remelts not just 1 also I do not save any pearls or whites ,, - white will yellow on to many remelts .. pearls add a pearl look to the batch of any color,, I do not like it.. but that's just me .
  5. when you find your flat surface you can lay it on there and see if it rocks back and forth. if not then use a flash lite to shine between mold and flat surface , with lights in room turned down . Then you will have an idea where the highs and lows are . Also use a black sharpie to coat the surface of the mold to be sanded , after a couple swipes on the sand paper this will show where the highs and lows are for sure .
  6. never had this happen to a mold , but for other items of aluminum - automotive or what ever .. you can sand um flat . It will take off a very small amount unless it is warped bad .. you need a perfectly flat surface ,, Glass table top ,, some counter tops .. pc of steel that has been milled flat .. use wet dry sand paper ,, not sure what grit .. maybe 1000 ???? not course at all .. tape sand paper down grit side up and move mold half in a figure 8 motion with your hand,, you should see the high spots on the mold getting sanded rite a way . would be a good Idea to get more opinions on grit of sand paper. for clear coat Car paint repair I have used as mild as 2000 grit
  7. can you be more specific on that ?
  8. I hear ya ,, but like I said , its hard to give advice ,, with out an exact picture of what you want .
  9. is Lure Works out of it ?
  10. very hard to tell until it gets mixed and poured .. just make small batches til u get it rite .
  11. is having the clearest bait for the fish or the fisherman ?
  12. How are the glass beads on the aluminum injectors ?
  13. you can use it .. some people grind it up finer with a blender or some type of grinder .
  14. TJ, message sent .
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