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  1. why is it that you want to dip this bait ?
  2. Enforcer has um .. https://www.enforcerbaitmolds.com/product-page/2-inch-swim-bait-mold
  3. you want a mold to make um ,, or buy um all ready made ?
  4. Bass-Boys


    I agree, could be cold cracks?
  5. Bass-Boys


    are you injecting or hand pouring ?
  6. try a 50 /50 mix and see if thats better.. also make sure you stir your plastisol and stir it again.. if your plastisol is not stirred super good it will be weak .
  7. Hi Trying to make 301 Gary Yamato.

    1. Bass-Boys


      green pumpkin to match gary yamamoto is 

      8 oz plastic - 



      28 drops green pumpkin

      8 drops rootbeer

       then add your  purple and green flake




    2. Howard Real

      Howard Real

      Thanks. I will take pictures.

    3. Bass-Boys


      what are you having issues with ?


  8. if you can not resolve the issue,,, they will fish just fine the way they are .
  9. the salt will settle to the bottom of your melting cup or pot - what ever you are using ..Make sure you stir it well before every bait you pour. Also its a good Idea to add 20-25% fresh new un cooked plastisol to them . .
  10. when saving left overs .... keep 4 different bags or containers 1-- blacks - when remelting add black color 2-- greens- when remelting add green pumpkin color 3- browns- when remelting add your favorite brown -- Pumpkin -- 4- purples / reds - when remelting add purple then you can have 4 different colors of remelts not just 1 also I do not save any pearls or whites ,, - white will yellow on to many remelts .. pearls add a pearl look to the batch of any color,, I do not like it.. but that's just me .
  11. when you find your flat surface you can lay it on there and see if it rocks back and forth. if not then use a flash lite to shine between mold and flat surface , with lights in room turned down . Then you will have an idea where the highs and lows are . Also use a black sharpie to coat the surface of the mold to be sanded , after a couple swipes on the sand paper this will show where the highs and lows are for sure .
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