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  1. Issues with my injectors

    also clean and oil the shaft that the handle is on.
  2. Tacky Feeling??

    You need to stir / shake the plastisol a lot more. It settles and needs to be mixed well.
  3. Custom molds

    WOW< $ 146.. now thats a great price !!
  4. Drum Mixing

    what I do to get it mixed well and keep it consistent is, after it is mixed in the barrel I put apx 1 gallon in each 5 gallon bucket. Then I mix again and put apx 1 more gallon in each bucket then mix again and so on . This works awesome.
  5. Drum Mixing

    I remember one time a guy was telling us he used to roll the barrel on its side up and down the driveway.
  6. Do you need an injector for a senko mold?

    I hand pour all my senko style baits , I use 6 -10- cavity Del Mart molds. way less plastic ( sprues & runners ) to cut baits from.. I do not have to pull the injector apart after each mold. Some guys mite put the injector in a hot pot ,so they do not have to pull them apart, but I do not have one , So then you have all that plastic from the injector that needs to be remelted with the runners... Anyway I prefer hand pouring my senkos over injecting them.. I do have 3 injectors that I use a lot also but not on senkos.. just my way ,
  7. Do you need an injector for a senko mold?

    I have 2 hand pour molds I could sell you .. I hand pour all my senkos still... I do use an injector on a lot of stuff but I still love the hand pouring ..
  8. zoom color help

    what is a good match for the Spike it 109 ?
  9. Spike-it order

    I buy most all of my stuff from them ,, never had an issue since they started Lure Works in 2011 .
  10. Very interested in the mold you have and sent you a pm.  But for some reason I can't send you a regular message on the form.

  11. Sprayed Grass recipe needed

    Al I was wrong on the name ... its Mowed Grass. its looks to be a mix of green pumpkin and watermelon its green.
  12. Sprayed Grass recipe needed

    Opps I guess I said it wrong,, yamamoto calls it "mowed grass"
  13. Sprayed Grass recipe needed

    Any body making Sprayed Grass like Yamamoto does . This is not a Laminate. Flake is --- .035 Purple,,, .015 Blue and .015 Green but not sure on the worm color ? thanks much Jeff
  14. Presto Pots with Stirrer

    I will have 2 of them for sale soon. Jeff
  15. Del Mart Thing Mold

    Delmart Thing Mold.. 2 pc. Hand Pour ,, 4 cavity. ( I have 3 of these -- 2 -4cav,, and 1 - 5 Cav ) $ 150.00 each,, FREE Shipping ,, thanks .