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  1. you guys resurrected an oldie !! 2007.. wow . good info though . shipping cost suck !
  2. Hey I see you are in Michigan , I am also in Michigan .. What baits you looking for ?


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    2. Bass-Boys



       I am not on my phone at work .. just leave a message , I will call back 


    3. 21xdc


      I texted and called this number you gave me... It has been dis connected... Check the number again. 

    4. Bass-Boys


      crap ,, 989---436---5955


  3. I have the 4" triple dipped mold.
  4. also oil the rod that the handles are on .
  5. if you are very , very disciplined on only buying and making baits you would buy .. Just a few colors , a few molds , ( molds can be very costly ) . Buying 5 gallons of plastisol not just a gallon. ( its last a long time cost way less and you will need it ) you can save some money. But 95 % of us can not just do that , we need to get a few new molds a few new colors to experiment with . Before you get your up front cost covered you will need more stuff , It is a fun hobby and its nice to make your own stuff , Now how many $ 4.99 bags do you buy a year ? Do you use the whole bag up or toss the extra a side and try a different color or style ?
  6. 1st off , it will be tough to save any money by making your own baits. It is a great hobby, but can get expensive to buy all the neat molds and colors and such . Now to sell -- It is a very tough competitive market . Even tougher now that Facebook has brought in hundreds of new bait makers. Make sure you have a market for your stuff before you start. Be prepared to pay the 10% excise tax + your state sales tax if you are at the retail end . You will get a few more guys to chime in and give you more info on the Pros and Cons. You can make it work but it will take time and money . Good luck on what ever you do .
  7. Ok I will bite .. Ike ? what's with that ?
  8. I have used a few gallons of Medium - but it has ben a couple years . Does not hard pack . Can not remember on the other 2 questions , sorry . I would buy again . I am not sure if its the same as it was in 2018 ? That's when I last used it .
  9. This is how this thread started ... Have you made any Baby Bass ?
  10. Agree, I have been making baits for almost 15 years and do not have one.
  11. I just use salt and am very happy with it .
  12. I agree , Lureworks scents are nice , but more expensive than worm oil . What is your thought on not using worm oil ?
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