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  1. make sure you do not suck air into the injector when filling it .
  2. yes,, stir it in til completely dissolved in the cold plastic. stir, stir and stir more .
  3. pour the same mix in a mold that is not do-it essential and see if it is better .
  4. and what do you think of the switch ??
  5. The Clearasol you use to dip the baits will firm up just like the swim bait.. DO NOT pour it back in the bottle..After it cools it will be a chunk . Save it for the next time you dip . When ready to remelt cut it up into small chunks and add a little fresh to it and remelt then dip again.
  6. just guessing but I feel face book has brought on a lot more bait makers and that means a lot more molds being sold ,, and putting mold makers behind ??? Just my thought .
  7. agree , I use JB weld to fill vents from some molds that were over vented.
  8. also always make sure your color is well shaken then shake again .
  9. try the color with no flake ,, just to see if it is the flake or not .
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