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  1. you over cooked it , I think ? you need a thermometer !! I have never had any turn to jello ??
  2. maybe the next size bigger on bags so your hand does fit . ?
  3. stay away from melting certain brands/types.. like Z-Man with elaztech and a few others .
  4. glad to hear it .. must be you could not get it stirred up ?
  5. try warming it in the micro wave,, not long ... 15-20 seconds maybe.. then stir
  6. I remelt baits with scent all the time . The worst issue I have is the fumes off the scent when heated. Just use ventilation and a respirator. Other than that I have no issues.
  7. this thread is 15 years old !! and they are selling them on Amazon now that's crazy !!
  8. Bass-Boys

    Mold pins

    are they solid or hollow ?
  9. core shot in this mold .. Hmmm ?
  10. yes, I have boiled 100s of baits but mostly unsalted swim baits.. You will lose some of the salt if you boil them .. but yes it works ,
  11. are you letting them cure at 1st long enough before bagging ?
  12. Newbie04 I have sent you a message about some molds I have to sell.
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