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  1. Bass-Boys

    Unsalted Plastics

    Yes, a call will help and yes rinse them . If there is just salt in the package and not inside the baits just rinse with water or drop them in a pail of water and all the salt will wash rite off. Then re-bag in a salt free bag, ready to go .
  2. Bass-Boys

    Recycle/Reuse leftover Plastic

    I cut some into pieces while the micro is heating or waiting on molds to cool ect. There is always some down time .. ( mite be 3-4 mins at a time ) Just work on it a little at a time and do not get behind on cutting it up. Do not let it build up before cutting . I keep all colors separated even salted and not salted. but If you do not make a lot of baits you can sort in 4 colors - Blacks,,,, Greens ,,,Browns and Purples .. them 4 colors work to reuse all colors just use 4 bags or cans ect . I do not reuse pearls unless just melting them together .
  3. Bass-Boys

    Hard Packing

    should be fine.
  4. Bass-Boys

    Hard Packing

  5. Bass-Boys

    Who sells Calhoun's plastic

    Why did they think they were getting Calhouns when it was Poly Sol ??
  6. Bass-Boys

    Printed Laminated Bags

    info above mite not be correct any more ? Not sure, but it is dated 2010 .
  7. Bass-Boys

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    his mite show 2 colors if the picture was of the other side of bait . Rotated 90 deg.
  8. Bass-Boys

    used plastic organization

  9. Bass-Boys

    MF worm plastic problem

    yes, I have used it . ( and like it ) and you are correct . But he said . I "think" I mixed it good . so just making sure .
  10. Bass-Boys

    MF worm plastic problem

    just make sure it is stirred up . scrape the bottom of the jug with some thing and if there is any thing at all that is stuck to the bottom of the jug - it just needs to be mixed better.
  11. Bass-Boys


    what size lizard ? check with Curt @ enforcer molds too
  12. Bass-Boys

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    You use Spike it Plastisol . Hmmmmm ?
  13. Bass-Boys

    IKA molds

    I do not have any more ,,
  14. Bass-Boys

    IKA molds

    if they were from me ? They would be Del-Marts 8 cav. hand pours.