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  1. Bass-Boys

    Bent Baits

    Boil them in water for 10-12 minutes. then put in cold water for a few minutes.
  2. Bass-Boys

    Scented Worm Dye?

    You got me on that one..... I did not know MF added scent to there worm oil.. My bad ,, you could buy this and then you would not have to buy regular worm oil and pure scent oil.
  3. Bass-Boys

    Scented Worm Dye?

  4. Bass-Boys

    Scented Worm Dye?

    this is for dipping the tail of a bait to give the tail or tip a different color,, so if you had a chartreuse worm and dipped the tail in this the tail would be Red and have a garlic smell . Does it help .. ?? can not answer that.. I do not use it , some guys do use it , in some situations it mite help , ----- this and worm oil are totally different. worm oil is not scented,, or dyed.
  5. Bass-Boys

    Scented Worm Dye?

    no it does not .
  6. Bass-Boys


    this from the web site. ______________________ Pourasol™ 4561 Medium Email this product to a friend Pourasol is a high-quality, low bubble/low odor formula perfect for the beginner or veteran that doesn't want to deal with micro-bubbles. Pourasol is our best selling and most popular plastisol. Formulaically identical to Injectasol, Pourasol has undergone the additional step of being de-aired. Deaeration mitigates the formation of micro-bubbles that can form during the heating process. Pourasol can be used for hand pouring in open molds or hand injecting in aluminum molds.
  7. Bass-Boys


    Pourasol is not for making baits !! ?? Hmm...
  8. Bass-Boys

    Do I need softener when making soft plastics?

    I use lots of softener. if you add salt to the mix then you need to add softener. if you are happy with the softness of your plastisol and do not add salt ,, then you do Not need softener.
  9. Bass-Boys

    WTB Yamamoto style skirts

    Message sent ,
  10. Bass-Boys

    5in fluke molds

    I have a used one I could sell ya . pm - me if interested.
  11. I need help on the 301 Yamamoto. I will share some colors.

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    2. Bass-Boys


      8 oz plastic



      28 drops green pumpkin - bait junky's

      8 drops root beer -- lure craft

      3/4 - .035 dash kelly green glitter

      1.5 dashes - .035  purple glitter

    3. Howard Real

      Howard Real

      Thanks ,I will do it tonight when I get off work . The normal Job that pays the bill that we have to do.  D o you need any help just let me know , I will do the best I can.

    4. Bass-Boys


      sounds good , 

  12. Bass-Boys

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    it shoots very nice !
  13. Bass-Boys

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    Les ,, these pictures are back by the tails where hook would go through.
  14. Bass-Boys

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    here are pics from the New Triple Dipper Tube Mold from A I . with very heavy salt .
  15. Bass-Boys

    Rolling tube tail cutter?

    I also see the paint roller flexing ,, ??