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  1. for the best action I use medium and add softener ,, but it makes um tear easier .
  2. Bass-Boys


    I use a lot of black .. straight and added to others to darken .
  3. I like Kelly Green for most stuff, but Emerald green is used for June Bug. small glitter of .015 and medium/large in .035/.040 is a good start
  4. I hope you get a reply .. that last post was made Feb. 15th of 2017
  5. I hear ya ,, I have to turn the fan to a lower setting, and use by body to block the air from hitting the pour stream .
  6. here is a start point .. add 1/4 teaspoon hardener to 1 cup plastisol .. add 6 drops heat stable to 1 cup plastisol
  7. I store them open side down just so no dust and other stuff gets in um. After a lot of use I wipe them down with worm oil. Thats all I do .
  8. I personally buy only Medium and have gallons of softener ( mostly for sticks ) and a qt of hardener. This way I can mix my own how I want it for each type of bait .
  9. only leave them in water for a few minutes..
  10. What type of bag are you using ? regular kitchen zip loc bags or Laminated Bait zip locks ?
  11. Make sure you oil the rod on the handle end. Also remove the o-rings and clean out under them and put um back in .
  12. depends on who you sell to. if they use a scanner to ring up there items then yes the bag needs a upc.
  13. I have never made um.. But I will guess at it . they will be hollow so when stored do not let um get smashed down and close the core hole . I think they would be hard to store ,, do not bend or smash um . If they stay in the correct shape should be able to keep um for a long while . make sure when you fill um that your plastic is hot .
  14. when it gets kinda solid flip the mold over on to a table top to cool. The paper Idea worked good .
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