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  1. also always make sure your color is well shaken then shake again .
  2. try the color with no flake ,, just to see if it is the flake or not .
  3. hollow at the top of the bait when in mold ?
  4. I thinks its 109 and 156.. 156 mite be the browner one. you got the wrong one . just add brown to it if you have some .
  5. not that anyone stuck a knife in Bears back .
  6. No they can not say - you can not sell it . mite upset some people but that's to bad !
  7. trial and error ,, for you to figure out.. each bait and plastic are different so you just have to make some and test .
  8. Is that the Do-It mold ?? looking good .
  9. I agree ,, the area where the flashing is - air from the flashing and air from the tail tip are venting against each other with no where to escape.
  10. its a great way to make some cool baits.
  11. I have done it . I only offered it to stores that told me they were not interested in my products. I did not offer it up front , only after they did not want to buy . It worked out well in the 2 stores I had . They were close to other stores that paid up front so when I went there I was not driving far with out getting paid .
  12. yeah that orange is just on the belly..
  13. yup that's basically the only way to add hardener to remelts .
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