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  1. 220-240 seems pretty course for final sand to me ??
  2. Travis,, Is that picture really from 2006?
  3. After your mold is done, you will be able to make plenty more .
  4. Electric Mixer for making cakes and such ! ? Just redesign the beaters . if needed. Use on lowest speed that will mix the plastic.
  5. If you tug on the tails just shortly after unmolding you should know rite away if you have a good bond. That has worked for me anyway.
  6. I think he wants to know what size -- ROD -- you used in the mold for the core shot ??
  7. How are you heating plastic now ? More molds also lets some cool while you fill others.
  8. To save money -- Yes that's why we all do it .. But it never happens !!! The price of a half dozen molds and supplies could buy a lot of baits !! We love it , that's why !
  9. The stick bait mold would center the rod on its own way better than a swim bait mold ( without slots for the rod ). I feel a core shot swim bait mold would be way more cool than a stick bait with core shot .
  10. I like a rounder body to skip. my self .. Stick bait ,, Ika ,, ect , no matter how it hits the water ( not flat side down or flat side on end ) the round stick bait type body will always skip nice , as long as its thrown tite across the surface of the water .
  11. For me, I like to get the 2nd color to 350 degrees or a little higher .
  12. The bond should be a temp thing . What plastic , can not answer.
  13. what plastic ...... well lets just say,,,, it's best to buy 5 gallon pails or larger containers .
  14. You must buy" all" items in bigger bulk containers to help with lowering your cost . $48.00 per gallon is costly for just this 1 item .
  15. "True" profit - after "all" cost are figured,, supplies ( yes figure in "all" supplies ) , labor,, electricity, gas to post office ,, ect. Is very hard to come by in this hobby.
  16. I hear ya,, on weight ,, but you will not match the color with out salt. I do not think .
  17. This gets me real close to Yamamoto watermelon , 8 oz plastic add salt black flack 16 drops Lure Craft watermelon ( mite be 4-5 years old ? not sure if it matches the formula they have now ? ) it is not the same as they had before this . 8 drops lure craft root beer 2 drops lure craft black
  18. Do you know what brand or type of silicone he is using ?
  19. What I have done. Cut a long pc of card board ,( how ever wide your thin area of tail is 1/2" or so ) and tape it to the edge of table ,this raises the edge of the table up the thickness of the card board .
  20. Lay on the edge of the table with tail hanging just off the edge.
  21. That is tough on the eyes , Green pumpkin base .035 blue and gold .015 gold, red , purple , Just a guess my eyes are getting old !
  22. Hand pour the dark line in one half of the mold then close and shoot the other color . Works well with some molds.
  23. you guys resurrected an oldie !! 2007.. wow . good info though . shipping cost suck !
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