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  1. Sonny.Barile

    Oomoo 30 silicone problems

    It is old stock. That stuff has a shelf life. I bought some a while back and used half. I sealed up the containers and left them for about 6 months. When I opened them up again I had the same thing you described.
  2. Sonny.Barile

    Bullnose SwimBaits

    Amazing piece of work.
  3. Sonny.Barile

    Shad Lookalike, First attempt.

    Wow......Nice work! Love the tail.
  4. Sonny.Barile


    I tried it and it is great stuff. However, Smooth-on makes a similar product and it is cheaper. You can also get in places like Blick Art Supply stores so you don't need to hip it. They also sell the silicone mold making stuff from Smooth On.
  5. Sonny.Barile

    Clear coating freshly poured resin baits

    When I was casting lures I let them sit in a warm room for a week before painting. BTW I tried painting the mold to get "preprimed" surfaces and it is terrible. The paint must be brushed on as the oils in the silicone make the sprays bead up. You end up with a lot of paint running to the bottom of the mold cavity. When you pop out the finished casting the bottom surface will be a thick rubbery layer of primer paint.
  6. Sonny.Barile

    What other material you use,to make plastic stronger

    When using urethane you do not need to worry about a tooth hole because the urethane doesn't absorb water like wood. Same deal with PVC......
  7. Sonny.Barile

    Stamping Balsa

  8. Sonny.Barile

    What Is Your Thru Wire Made Of?

    I have some lures I fish in the salt that are 3 years old. They were made with the .041 HB wire. It is definitely stainless. I believe the label (gone now) said it was 316 Stainless lock wire.
  9. Sonny.Barile

    Anybody Know How This Holograph Application Is Done?

    I was going to guess that the painted lure was clear coated over the foil, then had the effects added using transparent paints, then cleared again. I guess I would have been wrong.........
  10. Sonny.Barile

    Whats Stronger Than Devcon 2 Ton?

    If the resin is urethane, try using Gorilla glue. It is urethane also.
  11. Sonny.Barile

    Resin Stuff: Heating Isocyanate Urethane & Sweating

    I am just guessing at a solution here but have you tried washing it down with da or maybe even Dawn dishwashing liquid just before painting?
  12. Sonny.Barile

    Design Infringement

    No Unless when you ordered, you did so on a page that stated those were for your use only.
  13. Sonny.Barile

    Boiled Linseed Oil Questions

    The site listed here has a wealth of info on sealing woods with BLO. Hope this helps....
  14. Sonny.Barile

    Boiled Linseed Oil Questions

    Salt water surf plug builders use BLO all the time. It is an absolutely necessary step for the type of plug that has a hole thru the center and a swivel as the belly hanger. The thru wiring in these plugs is usually done after the lure is painted and top coated. They pass the wire thru the body hole and the swivel and then wrap the ends. Poke around on some eastcoast striper sites and you will see plenty of how to's.............
  15. Sonny.Barile

    Imakatsu Waddle Bat

    Cause you dont want all cranks to hunt.