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  1. ipock2

    Pop's Torpedo

    One Of My Favorite For Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass. Made From Sugar Pine
  2. ipock2

    For Those With .2 Tipped Airbrush

    Use Denatured Alcohol and you will be okay.
  3. ipock2

    Heat Curing Createx

  4. ipock2

    E-tex vs Flex Coat

    Will build up at bottom. Must rotate.
  5. ipock2

    Top Coat

    Don't do it!!!!!!!! Use an epoxy topcoat. Search the forum. Lot's of recommendations.
  6. ipock2


    Is that the piece that goes behind the button? If so, turn it sideways, fit into top slot and then turn until wide part of metal is straight across the needle and then theirs a litlle slit behind the needle that the metal piece sets into. Hope this helps.
  7. ipock2

    Need help with making crankbaits

    I use a router to keep my baits symetrical. I bought a dremel router table and use my extra dremels.
  8. ipock2

    Windex as Thinner

    No problems here!
  9. ipock2

    Scroll saw or band saw?

    Band Saw hands down. Wouldn't part with mine !
  10. ipock2

    painting over clear coat

    I paint over clear coat and heat set. Never had a problem.
  11. ipock2

    Needs some help on a airbrush

    Great Company! I have ordered twice and got GREAT service!
  12. ipock2

    Lure Dryer pics

    Try ************* They had one for $25.00, I think.
  13. ipock2

    Jann's Epoxy

    Does any one use this? If so, how good is it?
  14. ipock2

    Rotisserie Motor HELP!!!

    topfishingplace.com has one. It's a Jen-Air rotessire motor.
  15. ipock2

    Eye screw???

    How do you do that?