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  1. Bob, your so right about the fisherman wanting different styles on these baits. I too, have been using the 3-d eyes & found they don't like to be placed on a curve & I also learned to use a touch up gun w/ a 1.2mm to a 1.4mm tip seems to do the trick, after some trial & error. I learned that from a fellow on here, but he doesn't come around much, since he was called up to the BIG LEAGUES. I think the recessed deal Bob mentioned, has worked the best for me. Now I'm off to buy some $5.99 glass eyes for me new baits. Man this is one expensive hobby. Oh well... Tim
  2. CA Delta

    Finished Baby Gills

    Thanks for noticing fellas. Dieter, they do indeed add a whole new section. Your gallery is looking great as always. Sully, love your new swim-baits. Oh ya, nice tails on Marks P. baits. You do a fine job. I need to try pouring some tails some day.
  3. CA Delta

    Finished Baby Gills

    Long time, no chat fellas. I finally got some time to finish the gills. Hope you enjoy. Tim
  4. CA Delta

    Finished Baby Gills

    Long time, no chat fellas. I finally got some time to finish the gills. Hope you enjoy. Tim
  5. CA Delta

    Finished Baby Gills

    Long time, no chat fellas. I finally got some time to finish the gills. Hope you enjoy. Tim
  6. CA Delta

    New Trigger Topwater

    Jeep, very well done, as usual. Keep up the hard work.
  7. CA Delta

    Shad from the tutorial

    Yes, they do hold up very well, when casting & the bait actually lands in the water, The only bad thing is when you make a bad cast & realize it's going straight for the rip rap, so you thumb your bait caster & pull back hard (only creating more speed) & then it happens. "CRACK". I was able to repair & it's been holding up fine. Oh ya, don't pitch it out onto the docks, so your buddy (that just arrived) can get a closer look.
  8. CA Delta

    Hand Carved Walleye

    Dave, your killing me here. :DThat has got to be the best compliment I've heard in a long time. Douglas, I don't know you, I just want to be more like you. Like the Rookie said, "YOU DA MAN". :worship::worship::worship: Tim
  9. I to had a hard time finding it & the people that worked there had no idea. At the H.D. here where I live, the PVC Tuff Board is located in with the pine 1"x4" stock. Here is pic. Hope that helps.
  10. Mark, I have to give credit, where credit is do. I got the tail idea from the one & only, "THE ROOKIE", yes Tater Hog Baits, Matt Mcbee. I called him & I let him know my story (very similar to yours) & he didn't mind one bit at all. Man, I kinda miss that guy. The tail worked out better than I ever anticipated. It's like it added a new section to the bait. The other thing I found out, when working with the two piece gills, is that I don't lay my siding sinkers (length wise) from side to side. I used to use pipe cleaners to hold the weight in place & they kept sliding out of place, so I used some of my girls really small pony tail rubber bands. I found that the bands turned the weights 90 degree's & the bait actually swam better than before. Here are some pics to help explain. Good luck & keep up the hard work. Sorry, the one pic with pipe cleaners, is from another bait, but you get the idea. Tim
  11. CA Delta

    Field testers in action

    Jeep, those photos are simply stunning. Nice catch on the homemade. Keep up the hard work. Tim
  12. CA Delta

    Trout killers

    Nice job spoopa. Those look amazing. I like the vintage look. Tim
  13. Thank you to all for the tips & leads to helpful information. I will definitely try the tricks shared on here & the u-tube has helped out quite a bit. Thanks again. Tim
  14. Mark, I am also trying to finish some two piece bluegills for the post spawn. I think if you just hinge the tail some how, you will get a lot of the originally indented action back. Some thing like this. Good luck & keep us posted on your progress. P.S. Love your bluegill paint job. Tim
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