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  1. blbaits

    Powder Painting With Torch

    I have been using a propane torch to heat my jigs for years and then I put them in a toaster oven to cure. This works great! Just watch your lead and you can tell when it is getting too hot. The lead will get shiney looking and then melting will occur! I usually try to keep my jigs out away from the blue flame to get even heat through out the jig! I paint jigs from 1/8 oz to 8 oz this way.
  2. blbaits

    I need some help with powder paint

    YOu might want to try Columbia Coatings. I have purchased Chrome powder paint from them and it looks good!
  3. blbaits

    Fishing skirts website materials

    I use two on smaller lures and three on larger. I would suggest to experiment until you get the right look!