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  1. Nufo

    Solarez Uv Top Coat

    I just ordered some solarez. Any recommendations on a Light that will fit an 11" bait? I'm afraid the nail lights will be too small. Thank you
  2. Nufo

    Solarez Uv Top Coat

    Does this stuff work over water based (createx) paints?
  3. Nufo

    Resin Cure Time Before Painting

    This thread has some good info
  4. Well she works exactly as planned 27lbs and a new PR.
  5. I've been a long time lurker here and have learned tons from searching and reading all the info you guys have shared over the years. My lure building has finally evolved to making resin baits and I am using Alumalite white as my resin. I built my first master from sculpy and have been playing with some prototypes master: Suspending and floater prototypes next two a 10" triple trout Billed wake bait proto: Here is the fish I am trying to re-create (sacramento splittail) So I made a two piece mold of my master and am cutting straight joints on my prototypes. I ended up using tap plastics Urethane RTV for my first mold due to cost. Here is a shot of my mold: I am very pleased with my first prototypes and am ready to clean up my master, add detail and nicer joints and mold the individual sections. Here are my swim videos: I am considering using the Tap Plastics Platinum cure silicone RTV. After researching it, it seems like it will work well, has good flex, duribility, and does not need a degasser. However it is very expensive. I am looking for suggestions/advise on mold material for this next step. Thank you, Mike Profumo
  6. Nufo

    Phase II 10" trout spook

    I had 3 trebles on my first proto type. I lost my PB striper due to the three hooks. Seems that stripers can get better leverage for some reason with the three hooks.
  7. Nufo

    Phase II 10" trout spook

    This one casts better and has perfect walk the dog action. Can't wait to stick some pigs on it!
  8. I am working on the second Generation of my big 10" trout spooks. I want to do a belly swivel without thru wiring the bait. Can I just drill a hole in the belly and then tack the swivel in with a nail? Figured I'd add some epoxy to help hold the nail. Mike
  9. Nufo

    First post. New builder

    The wood is Fir (2x4). Weighted it with egg sinkers in different locations to get it to float with the butt just under water. She glides and slides on her side. I do need bigger hooks.
  10. Nufo

    First post. New builder

    Started playing around about 9 months ago making pencil poppers out of poplar dowels. Then started repainting old plugs. Finally got invited to use a friends lathe. Now I'm doing hand carves. This is my first one. Haven't hooked up yet but did get hammered by a 20lb class stripers. I was in a hurry and messed up the paint and epoxy but it's a proto anyway. It does have a real nice 3' glide on the walk the dog action.