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  1. Lockes

    Diluted colour

    sorry bout that....using createx do they need any diluting?
  2. Lockes

    Diluted colour

    I am having a few problems with diluted colours. I must be diluting way too much as I don't seem to be getting solid colours on my plastic lures. I like solid bright under body but want a darker light spray on top but very fine so it is semi see through still. I seem to get too milky a finish. Is this due to diluting too much? Do you recommend painting white first, drying it, and then painting colours to get them brighter?
  3. Lockes

    Clear Epoxy

    I can not find any of these products locally in South Africa and nobody will ship these as they are considered "dangerous goods" Can someone give me the properties of a good clear epoxy so that I can find a local product that can be used successfully with my createx paints. thanks for all your help
  4. Lockes

    Clear Epoxy

    I am looking for a clear Epoxu and have found Devcon 2 Ton locally I have found the product available locally but there are several different types. Could you possibly tell me which is correct? Wantitall.co.za: Search Results - devcon 2 ton Can you airbrush or is this a simple paint on with brush application?
  5. Lockes


    Does anyone make their own clear plastic bodies? How?
  6. Lockes

    Paint Options

    Are there any good createx alternatives to use when airbrushing hard baits? I am struggling to find the paints in my country, South Afica
  7. Lockes

    Newbie Crankbait question

    if anybody else could help it would be highly appreciated
  8. Lockes

    Newbie Crankbait question

    Well do you use vinyl for the base coat or what? I will be using mainly store bough plastic bodies I guess....although lots of you use wood (I can see myself getting addicted to this) Are cranks the wrong thing to start with? I live in South Africa. I tried Upnorthoutdoors.com Stamina components and they supposedly ship internationally but I emailed them and have heard nothing more from them yet
  9. Lockes

    Newbie Crankbait question

    I am wanting to order some crankbait bodies and I want to paint them myself What is the best paint to use and applicator? Any recommended sites that will ship internationally?