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  1. budman

    DIY skirt making tool idea

    Great tip! Easy and cheap. Thanks for sharing.
  2. budman

    handmade lure

    Go to this site http://www.lurebuilding.nl/indexeng.html and go into the crank bait tab on the left. most of the templates are in metric but you can convert those and they give you the lip angles and weights required.
  3. budman

    Inline Spinnerbait???

    The farther away from the shaft that you can put the weight, the better, that's why I suggested something similar to a keel weight. Good luck with your design, it looks interesting.
  4. budman

    Inline Spinnerbait???

    The only issue I see with your design is that the weight of the lure is inline with the tie point. With the added weight of the upper spinner blades, I would think that the lure would roll to the side or even upside down. If you wanted to have the upper blades above the lure body (to prevent snagging) I would make the body profile more like a keel weight to counter balance the weight of the upper spinner blades.
  5. budman


    Did you try http://www.lurepartsonline.com
  6. budman

    .062 Sst Wire

    You can try McMaster-Carr www.mcmaster.com they have all kinds of stainless steel wire.
  7. budman

    Bucktail Coil Vises

    I get mine from work. I use the coil out of a wire feed welder whip. we replace them every couple of weeks and they're 20 feet long. find a local welding shop and see if they'll save them for you when they replace their whips. I have about 40 feet of them sitting on my desk right now, and the price is right...FREE.
  8. budman

    Need Help. Looking For This Lure.

    Check Ebay, lots of them on there in various colors.
  9. budman

    Foam Cylinders

    Try McMaster Carr. You can find them on the internet. here's a page from their catalog with neoprene tubing. 0328_001.pdf 0328_001.pdf 0328_001.pdf 0328_001.pdf 0328_001.pdf 0328_001.pdf 0328_001.pdf 0328_001.pdf 0328_001.pdf
  10. budman

    Top Of The Line 3d Lure Eyes?

    Sorry, didn't read your entire post about not wanting taxidermy eyes
  11. budman

    Top Of The Line 3d Lure Eyes?

    You could try taxidermy eyes http://www.taxidermy.com/ is a great website
  12. budman

    Scale Pattern On Wooden Lures

    you might want to try one of these www.detailmasteronline.com I use this to put in the feathers on duck decoys I carve. the pen will actually get so hot you can burst the wood into flames on contact. I believe they offer a pen tip shaped like a fish scale.
  13. budman

    Advice For Building A Proper Spraybooth?

    Bathroom exhaust fans are also brush-free and will work for exhausting a paint booth, they are also cheaper than kitchen hoods. I googled explosion proof fans and paint booth fans and got some good info that way.
  14. budman

    Clear Coat Opinions

    Thanks Charlie
  15. budman

    Clear Coat Opinions

    Do you know if Ace carries the gallon size?