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  1. sonoman

    Crankbait build coat

    thanks , seen your work its awesome, thanks for the reply.
  2. sonoman

    Epoxy/wood lure

    Reminds me of the guys the do custom pen blanks, they turn them down for some wild looking ink pens.
  3. sonoman

    Crankbait build coat

    Thanks I will try the polytranspar, def. in no hurry since its mainly for me... def don't mind some of that buildcoat esp. since not all blanks are perfect.
  4. sonoman

    Crankbait build coat

    Thank you , I have done that in the past as well, worked well as I recall . thank you for the reply
  5. sonoman

    Crankbait build coat

    I have done that as well, just know there is something that they dip them in...thanks for the reply.
  6. sonoman

    Crankbait build coat

    For you guys that build cranks , specifically BALSA what products are you using for the "build" coat?, the white undercoat, I have used many things at this point and wondered if there was an actual go to product...Thanks
  7. sonoman

    Lure Maker Wanted

    The original twitchin rap (BALSA) was lights out on inshore saltwater species, it basically justs sits on the surface with slightly tail down which makes it walk the dog, the size was deadly on snook, trout ,tarpon and redfish, obviously it wasn't too durable being that toothy critters loved it .
  8. sonoman

    Lure Maker Wanted

    shiners? pinfish?
  9. sonoman

    ETex topcoat problems

    ETEX is really thin and takes a while to start to set up, my best guess is that you are getting a lil too much on at one time so it is pooling even while being turned, good luck.
  10. sonoman

    Cedar squarebills

    Look great, How do you do your hook eyes?...are they screw ins or something you make?
  11. sonoman

    Lure consistency

    I believe you find a lot of them at lure collector shows because they appreciate the quality, also they tend to be tournament guys, looking for an edge or to have something that the others don't have...I can tell you that most do not show the general public what they actually use unless its on purpose and the cameras rolling, sponsors need love too.
  12. sonoman

    Mustad Triple Grip Hooks

    They are expensive but imo well worth it ...
  13. sonoman

    Mustad Triple Grip Hooks

    I use a lot of that style hook as well, not sure if you can get what you want in that style hook, maybe try a # 2 std split ring with possibly a finesse treble by a.martens in a #2 or they may even make those in #3, they are very lightweight, might get there using those. Best of luck.
  14. sonoman

    Multiple Airbrushes

    I use 3 , 2 iwatas and a paasche, all are siphon feed with jars, also use urethanes and lacquers for the most part, I like the stuff to dry ...def. speeds things up.
  15. sonoman

    Bagley Shiner/Pinfish

    There are blanks out there from the original plant there in Winterhaven, I know a guy who has them , if you are interested in painting some up for your personal use I can give you his name , I am sure he would sell them since he has asked me more than once about me buying them...