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  1. sonoman

    Matte top coat

    Small numbers I would go with Marks suggestion, otherwise the local automotive paint store could certainly sell you a 2 part automotive clear that is matte finish, def. not cheap though.
  2. sonoman

    Saltwater Plugs

    Saltys, ,makes them I believe.
  3. sonoman

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    I spent some time on the lure lovers site and there was a thread similar to this but with a wrinkle, the sentiment was that unless the lure was "hand" built , no machines, then it wasn't actually hand built or custom, I am quite certain many could learn from your experience with building cranks. I spend many hours a week building and making baits, cranks are relatively the newest to my bench and I have learned a lot from the folks on here but I still have a ways to go...those Japanese fellas have the bar raised pretty high and that is my goal...number 1 bit of advice I ever received on here was by BOBP, DON'T GET IN A HURRY....
  4. sonoman

    do it mold questions

    Thank you !
  5. sonoman

    do it mold questions

    For those of you that have these molds, What is the difference in a Sparkie hed, Arky hed and I see an "s" hed ? which visually appear very
  6. sonoman

    Epoxy question

    There is an issue with hospital syringes they tend to have a tiny amount of silicone lube on the rubber, you can have several be fine but then get one with a bit more and your topcoat will do crazy things, thin finish it dimples like crazy, thicker stuff may fish eye, trust me I have had every issue under the sun till I stop swiping hospital can buy the correct ones from rod building supply companys or maybe LPO....
  7. sonoman

    a good epoxy review

    One thing about bubbles is that if you see them at least you know the stuff is well mixed, they are easily dealt with, a cheap heat gun from harbor freight on the low setting and a turner and the bubbles are gone, I'd rather deal with the bubbles than poorly mixed epoxy.
  8. sonoman

    Is there anyway to fix my lure?

    There is a fella on a crankbait site that says to remove the white powder from the outside all ya have to do is take a hair dryer and heat it a bit and it comes off, as for the inside not sure if its possible to get that clean without destroying it.
  9. sonoman


    Do you build your baits as 2 piece or are they built 1 piece?
  10. sonoman


    Very nice ! digging the white ones
  11. sonoman

    Crankbait build coat

    Good I didn't mess it up, thanks for the reply
  12. sonoman

    Clear coat drying

    It is if you want a nice smooth finish that isn't thick in one area...just my .02
  13. sonoman


  14. sonoman

    Crankbait build coat

    Do you thin it at all?, I used it on one so far but I haven't painted it yet.
  15. sonoman

    three bluegill frogs Two only

    Mark I was just wondering after all this time how these have worked for you?, I was wanting to do a similar thing and its all above durability and how the hook up percentage is...thanks