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  1. Very nice looking spinnerbaits. I have a feeling that the smallies in the reservoir I fish would crush those. Got any for sale?
  2. Surely you have the pictures in your possession by now, right? (11 days since your son mailed them)

  3. That is great. I think it's also great that the Kansas fish was caught on Saturday (5/3) and the newspaper ran the story + photo a mere 2 days later. Compare that to this NYS fish: 4/13/08: Fish caught 4/14/08: Story posted on Tackleunderground.com 4/14/08 - 4/30/08: haulinbass' son spends more than 2 weeks trying to find a cable so that he can download the photos onto his computer 4/30/08: soccerer requests that haulinbass post the name of the DEC officer who witnessed the catch and whose name is on the ticket issued to haulinbass' son for fishing without a license. No response. 5/1/08: haulinbass' son tries unsuccessfully 3 times to email out the pictures 5/1/08: haulinbass' son burns several disks with the pictures so that he can mail them out "in the morning" 5/2/08: Disk(s) mailed 5/6/08: I make a second request for the name of the DEC officer so that anyone can verify this story. No response. 5/7/08: Still no pictures
  4. I decided to do a little research on this, since recently the doubters on this thread have been called into question. I just got off the phone with the New York State Angler Achievement Awards program. Their number (as listed in the NYS Freshwater Fishing Regulations) is 518-402-8891. I spoke to a lovely woman (feel free to PM me if you want her contact info) and she informed me that ALL submissions for NYS records go through her office, regardless of whether they are ultimately accepted or rejected. She verified that her office has received ZERO submissions for a record largemouth bass in the last 2 MONTHS. Allow me to repeat myself just to be clear - ALL submissions for NYS records go through her office, regardless of whether they are ultimately accepted or rejected. If this doesn't call into question the validity of the entire story, I don't know what does. haulinbass, if there is any truth to your story, please post at least one of the following immediately: 1) The pictures (it has been 5 days since your son burned several disks with the photos). 2) The name of the DEC officer who witnessed the catch. All 300 officers are listed on pages 90-93 of the NYS Freshwater Fishing Regulations. I've already provided the link to that. 3) A scan of the letter from the DEC to your son informing him that his submission for a NYS record was denied. Any one of those should be extremely easy for you to produce (especially #2) at this point. By the way, I also found out from her (and I was very disappointed to here this) that NYS policy is to only award records for fish that have been physically examined first-hand by a NYS fisheries biologist. Photos don't count. So unfortunately this means that you basically have to sacrifice the fish if you want your name in the record books. She said that other states award records for fish that have been caught and released with photographic evidence, but NY does not. That's a bummer. It seems an awful shame to have to kill the fish to get the record.
  5. Not to mention 22 days and counting. Here's something else that's been bothering me... the ONLY WAY to officially apply for a New York State fishing record is to submit the following form: http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_pdf/AAAentryform.pdf (also see pages 47-53 of the New York State Freshwater Fishing Regulations - http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_pdf/06-08revisedfishregsguide.pdf) If you try to do it any other way, New York State will tell you to fill out the form and they will then consider your catch. If you'll notice, NOWHERE on that form does it ask you for your fishing license number. The form also has to be notarized and, unless the fish was kept, the DEC Fisheries Biologist would need photos in order to fill out Section F of the form. So, that means your son was able to get photos developed, fill out the form and have it notarized, submit it, and get a written response back from the DEC in under 2 weeks. That's pretty amazing. And even though the form doesn't ask for his fishing license number, that's the reason his claim was rejected?
  6. Oh what a tangled web we weave... I think it's time to start taking bets on what happens next. Will it be: 1) The pictures arrive, haulinbass posts the pics which clearly show a 12+ lb. bass, and all of the doubters (myself included) are forced to eat crow. Soccerer lives up to his word and sends haulinbass and his son some of his bass jigs. 2) The pictures arrive, haulinbass posts pics that have clearly been doctored using Photoshop, and the debate/argument rages on. 3) haulinbass' son copies them to disc but subsequently deletes the originals. Then, the envelope with the disc never arrives (damn U.S. Postal Service!) and all evidence of the goliath bass is lost forever. 4) haulinbass' son copies them to disc but subsequently deletes the originals. The envelope arrives, but the disc is corrupted and all evidence of the goliath bass is lost forever. 5) haulinbass gets the disc with the pictures but can't figure out how to upload them. What transpires is a series of posts with broken links and, despite numerous offers from other site members to help post the pics themselves, this debacle continues for 3 more weeks and eventually just fades away with no pics ever successfully posted. Ok, what else am I missing?
  7. >> His best bet is to go get a card reader from an >> electronics store as oposed to finding a cord for >> the camera. They are less than 20.00 and are >> universal for any of the types of cards for digital >> cameras. >> he can just go to wally world (walmart) and get >> them downloaded to a disc while he waits......... >> they're open 24/7.........cheap too........ >> How about this: Give me the DEC officers name. >> All the officers names and phone numbers are listed >> in the rule book and I will call the officer myself and >> see if the story has any validity. All good suggestions.
  8. Ha. That's good. Sorry for the lack of an intro, but stories like these tend to pop up every few months or so. Maybe I'm too cynical. I'm from Orange County, NY near Newburgh. I fish for both largemouth and smallmouth (where I can find them) but unfortunately I only get out once every few weeks. Even so - I will always renew my license in September because October and November can be great times for catching bass as long as the weather cooperates (and yes, I know that year-round catch-and-release for bass is a very recent regulation change in New York). braveviper, in an earlier post you mentioned that if you caught a possible NYS record bass, you would have the pics up within minutes. So would I, because I wouldn't post the story until I had the pictures in hand. Any time you're talking about a potential record-sized bass, people are going to want to see the proof. If someone says they caught a 6 lb. largemouth that they weighed on a digital scale, I'll tend to believe them even if they didn't take a picture. BUT, if someone says they caught a 13 lb. largemouth (in New York State), you bet I want to see the pics before I believe the story! mrs.redg8r, that' a funny photo of your father-in-law, and I love the fact that he used it as his Christmas card picture. You're right, you can't even believe pictures these days, but unless someone is REALLY talented with Photoshop, it's pretty easy to spot a fake. There will always be out-of-place pixels/fragments around the areas that were edited. All you have to do to spot them is magnify the photo 2x - 5x to find them. In the case of your photo below, the fact that the bass are a) identical, blurry, and c) levitating is enough. Still a funny pic though. One more thing, when a story has one detail that's amazing/crazy/unbelievable (a largemouth caught in NYS that is over a pound a a half larger than the current state record), it causes you to raise an eyebrow. When it has two details that are amazing/crazy/unbelievable (a largemouth caught in NYS that is over a pound a a half larger than the current state record after the person's rod snapped in half), you definitely want to see proof. When it has three or more details that are amazing/crazy/unbelievable (a largemouth caught in NYS that is over a pound a a half larger than the current state record after the person's rod snapped in half by someone fishing without a license at a pond that no one else fishes that was witnessed by a game warden who decided to turn a blind eye to the fact that the fisherman was breaking the law), well...
  9. Let me start by saying that I really do hope the pictures back up the story and prove me wrong, but I'm not holding my breath. I've seen too many stories like this one posted on other fishing forums, only to disappoint, either with pictures that show a much smaller fish than claimed or no pictures at all. Breaking down the details of this story... "his Johnny Morris pole with spider braid line snapped in half but he kept on fighting the fish." So his $170 rod snapped in half? Must have been when he was trying to swing the beast out of the water and onto shore instead of lipping it. "When he got it in he couldn't beleive the size of it. Keep in mind the record large mouth in NY is 11lbs 4oz. He weighed it with a digital fish scale and to there amazement. 12lbs. 15ozs." Not only is this bass big enough to break the NYS record, but it's more than a pound and a half bigger!?! "SON let me see your license. Second time in the last few years my son couldn't wait to fish so i guess he was in to much of a hurry to buy one." In New York State, the license term for fishing runs from October 1st through September 30th. That means he's had 6 months to buy a new license. That's not exuberance due to the opening of a new fishing season. It's either laziness or blatant disregard for the law. "Anyhow at least he has documented proof he was there that day and caught what may end up being termed as the new state record. The warden says he will back up his statement and help him try to get it certified." So your son broke the law, a game warden was there to witness his violation first-hand, and not only did he not issue him a ticket but he's going to back up his statement so that he can try to get the record certified? "If not he will wait until he can keep the fish and catch it again as he is the only person that fishes this small remote pond. Sorry i dont have the pictures yet of the fish but i will try to post them on this thread when i receive them. Good luck son." Of all the bodies of water in New York State, the game warden decided to patrol this small remote pond that only ONE person fishes? Again, if the pictures clearly show a 12 lb. 15 oz. largemouth caught in NY, I'll gladly apologize. But right now the only thing that surprises me about this story is that it wasn't posted on April 1st, because I think we're all being played for fools.
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