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  1. I'm ready.....

    Hey mark, Sorry it so long to get back to you,we check the size of the lobsters with a gauge that is installed on our lights. We grab them, check them and either keep them or let them go. Do you dive?
  2. I'm ready.....

  3. I'm ready.....

    Hey David, Good to here from you, sorry about your team losing. I'm still recovering from all the food. We ended up with 52 lobsters at kick off. We found a cave in fifteen feet of water that must of had one thousand legal lobsters in it. After this cold front moves through, I think it's going to dip down below sixty degrees brrrrrr, I'll take a picture of the cave you wouldn't believe it. Rick
  4. I'm ready.....

    you know what they say, " seventy percent of the earth is covered by water the rested is covered by TROY POLAMALU. GO STEELERS Hey, have a great super bowl sunday everyone, Rick
  5. And thank you for all your help. With all your advice and wisdom it made a great year of fishing. By creating my own lures, it some how instilled hope into people that theres better things to do than worry about the condtion of the world. God bless and thank you, Rick
  6. Instead of making lures....

    Here in So. Ca. it's lobster time. It's wide open in fifteen to thirty feet of water at night.
  7. jus wanted to say hi, are you working on anything cool now?

    Rick from ca.

  8. What could be better,

    I caught the fish on the American Angler out of San Diego Sam And Brian's boat. DON'T SELL YOUR SALT WATER GEAR.....
  9. What could be better,

    Dave check it out, a 100 plus thresher on the homemade(took 45mins to catch), next will be "big tuna"
  10. What could be better,

    Dave thanks again for all help, I'm fishing for threshers Sunday hopfeully We'll hang one over two hundred pounds. I'll call you next week Rick
  11. What could be better,

    I made a six ten inch swim baits for ocean fishing and it worked! As a matter of fact I caght over three hudred and fifty pounds of california yellowtail, the largest weighing in at forty eight pounds. Everyone I fished with laughed at either my "croc's" or my "home made lure", after catching so many fish no one was laughing, at least at my lure. Thank you everyone at this board for all your help in hekping me make these lure's Rick
  12. I need alot of help

    Hi again, I can't thank you guys enough for your responds to my adiction. David I'm trying to make(improve if possiable) the triple trout. I think the problems I need to address is how to make simlier joints and what finish is favorable to alumite plastic. I"ve done high end commerial staining project as well as high tech molds for universal studio's in ca. please check it out on my web site at richardsmithconcrete.com In all we do I share all secrets only to make a better trade, so I really apprecate all help I can get.
  13. I need alot of help

    Yep the biggest lobster was just over 10 pds. I was free diving for them at night in fifteen feet of water, just north of Malibu
  14. I need alot of help

    Hi,thank you taking the time and reading my post.I'm trying to learn how to make a hard plastic trout lure that has three joints to allow it to swim more natural from begining to end. I was wodering if there are any books DVD's or any other kind of information that may be found. I'm a concrete conctrator and I have no interest in owning or running a tackle co. I'm totally addicted to perfecting my bass fishing hobby. Again thank you to everyone out there and all your help, Rick