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  1. can you share some details on what your molds are made of? is this machined aluminum or do you work in other materials too? based on a basic two-piece mold for a lure between 3 and 4 inches long, what would a ballpark price be?
  2. Wanted to start a discussion to connect people looking for crankbait molds. The popular molds are either RTV or CNC routed from melamine or aluminum. If you are a manufacturer of such molds or have links to places that sell the molds, please respond here. If members of the forum currently make crankbait molds and are willing to sell their services, please also feel free to leave your info in a post for members to contact you.
  3. Looking for someone that makes crankbait molds either from RTV silicone pours or Corian using a CNC router. Please let me know if you have a mold for a medium diver that you'd be willing to sell.
  4. Looking for molds for pouring solid or two piece baits. I typically use alumalite or comparable 2-part expoxies for my pours, so any mold that works with those i will consider.
  5. I have poured numerous molds based off of baits that are commercially available. Does anyone here sell silicone molds for baits or custom designs? if so, i'd be interested in purchasing a few, as i'm always looking for new shapes to work with. please let me know if there's a website or if you have ones to sell. I'd be looking for solid or two piece molds, either way works.
  6. RC1.5 blanks, C-tex spray, Urethane clear coat
  7. This forum inspired me to really try MAKING a bait instead of just painting blanks, so i started out with a strike king crank and noticed a few unexpected perks. After making an RTV silicone mold and experimenting a bit, I found that: 1. inserting a flat lexan bill and running the through wire right under the bill leaves a cavity under the bill for the resin to fill. this cavity completely covers the wire running under the bill and also reinforces the lexan. 2. Pouring the mold and tilting if forward with clear resin allows the bill to be completely clear and create a dense bottom layer. before it fully hardens i add Aluimalite white mixed with microspheres to create a "top" layer to the bait. the bait floats perfectly along this axis, tilting the bill down into the water. the top part of the picture shows the float axis. 3. Stainless steel welding wire is perfect for forming hook hangers, soft enough to bend but .03" wire is incredibly stable. 4. cutting lexan with a scroll saw lets you fully customize the action of your bait, the picture shows a coffin bill, but this bait is normally a rounded bill. i have also made circuit board variations using the exact same mold. if anyone has questions or suggestions, please add them!!! i can't wait to try these out.
  8. Would like to purchase metal molds capable of pouring crankbaits in 2 halves that can be glued together.
  9. I've used a 2-part epoxy over all my lures (all of which use createx paints) with no problems at all. before applying the epoxy though, i put the lure on a drying wheel in front of a space heater to "bake" the paint on and make sure it's completely dry.
  10. hi guys, i've used the methods mentioned here of using a nail or a pencil eraser to "stamp" a painted eye onto lures, but most of the time the paint isn't opaque enough and i still see some of the lure underneath the eye paint. what paints would you recommend to make eyes like the ones on bomber or norman lures? i've been using createx but that doesn't seem to cut it..... thanks! BM08
  11. Hi all, I know these tutorials exist, I've read them before. But does anyone have the links to foiling or making a good photo finish on a bait? i've been making some "baby bass" patterns (stay tuned, they're getting epoxied this week), but i want to try some photos or foils. any links are appreciated! cheers, BM08
  12. i like putting the mustad dressed trebles on my crankbaits, but they're easily the most expensive thing on my baits! does anyone have a tutorial on how to make some simple dressed trebles and where i can find the skirt materials? thanks! BM08
  13. bassman2008


    where did you find those crankbait bodies? they look really close to lucky crafts...but the paint's much nicer!!!! cheers, BM08
  14. bassman2008

    balsa flatsides

    where do you get your eyes at? or are they painted on? cheers, BM08
  15. so after you design in photoshop, what media are you printing the design onto and how do you attach it to the lure? thanks! BM08
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