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  1. JLester


    The only thing I see wrong with it, is I'm not the client!!
  2. You can clear it and it will come back looking brand new. If you use epoxy and your like me and run your crank into rocks, wood or just try to make it hit everything you can, it might chip the epoxy on the lip and you could end up with even an uglier lure then you started with. Just a though.
  3. I had the same problem when I first started. I use the bottom of a soda can or in some cases a beer can, LOL. I have an old wooden stick I use to mix with. I have a 1 minute mixing rule, mix the hell out of it for a minute, the bottom of the can is a prefect mixing boil. Don't worry about the bubbles they'll come out. Another rule I have is, I never clear no more than two lures at a time (note I fish big crankbaits) because I mix for so long the D2 starts gitting thick about the time I finish brushing on the 2nd lure. Sence I started following my two rules I have never had another lure come out tacky. Maybe this will be some help also.
  4. JLester

    Photo Slides

    Thank' Ben, I've been using clear and doing the same also, but Hobby Lobby was out of clear so I bought white. I'm sitting here now thinking I will use foil tape under the white to help out. What do ya"ll think? Crappie pattern.
  5. JLester

    Photo Slides

    When water sliding a photo copy, what color decal is better, White or Clear?
  6. JLester

    Try Me

    Handmade Balsa crankbait. Trying to do a Crappie. Pearl body with light green on back then water slide a crappie photo over that. It's a big bait for a big fish. LOL
  7. JLester

    Ghost Bass

    That's nice. It gives me some idles.
  8. JLester


    Trying to copy a crappie.
  9. JLester


    Craw color, It didn't quit turn out the color I wanted it too be, but I thought it still looked ok. I can always repaint it later.
  10. JLester


    To show how big they are, that's a Norman DD2 in the middle.
  11. JLester


    Here's a shad color. Their all about 5 1/2" long and 3/4" thick.
  12. JLester


    Just playing around and built some bid crankbaits.
  13. JLester

    3/4 Mudbugs

    Thank's Guys
  14. JLester

    3/4 Mudbugs

    Just trying a new craw look. Cleared with D2T.
  15. JLester

    Early Spring crawfish

    Done this for a friend.
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