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  1. What kind of aluminite should I use for 5-7 inch swimbait. Just dont want to buy something I cant use. Thanks, Clay
  2. claye75

    plastic/resin Hard Swimbaits

    Looking for some Information of the type of plastic/resin that could be used for molding hard swimbaits. I been molding foam crankbaits for myself a couple years, just looking to try to make a swimbait without speading alot of money on trail and error in material. Thanks. Carl
  3. claye75

    sealing foam bait

    what should i use to seal foam crankbaits
  4. claye75

    my first crank bait/paint job

    just though i would post my first crank bait and paint job
  5. claye75

    pouring foam molds

    do you guys pour the molds full or do you allow for the expantion. thanks
  6. claye75

    Trimming crankbait bills to fit crankbait

    thanks for the information. I'm having a blast playing with theses thigs
  7. Just wondering if you have to trim the bill to the width of the crankbait. (Where they glue together) If so what the bast way. Thanks
  8. claye75

    mold cutting

    Need help with cutting open a RTV Urethane Mold Rubber to acheive a clean seam, and how would i make a mode with guide pins for alinement. playing with some crankbaits thanks
  9. I make the molds from RTV silicone. Two part mix done by weight. I carve a wood master then generate the two piece mold.