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  1. Jeep

    BG 150mm Bream S

    Cool lure! What material is teh tailfin made of?
  2. Jeep

    lures i hope to sell

    Looks great Crankie. I like the Japanese foiling a lot. Jeep
  3. Jeep

    Lucky Trout 2

    Hi guys, Here are some photos of a new trout swimbait I have been working on, Hope you like it. Jeep
  4. Jeep

    New Video

    Hi guys, Here is a new vid with a compilation of big pike caught on the new Lucky Perch swimbait. Hope you enjoy it. Jeep
  5. Jeep

    Lets play some piano

    Way cool Solar!
  6. Jeep

    plastic tail baits

    Fantastic work Solar! Love the foil and paintjob. Jeep
  7. Jeep

    esox blade1

    Thanks guys!
  8. Jeep

    esox blade3

    © Lucky Lures

  9. Jeep

    esox blade4

    © Lucky Lures

  10. Jeep

    esox blade2

    © Lucky Lures

  11. Jeep

    esox blade1

    Hi guys, Here are some first photos of a new design I have been working for a very long time; 'The Blade' Length 18 cm 7" Weight 68 gram 2.4 Oz The design of this lure features a water through head. The lower jaw acts as a diving bill and will take this floating lure to a depth of aprox. 1.5 - 2 meters deep while performing a relaxed flanking and walking action. Great for slow trolling and/or casting. The water through gills reduce the strain or pressure on the rod and will give the lure an occasional unexpected move aka 'hunting action'.

    © Lucky Lures

  12. Jeep

    Lucky PerchV2 1

    Thnx guys! It's a resin cast body and the fins are part of the stand.
  13. Jeep

    Lucky PerchV2 2

    © JP Vermeijden

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