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  1. thats sick!!! I hae a hard enough time with a shotgun doing that!!
  2. We have a virus going through many of our southern ontario lakes right now killing alot of common carp. And I mean ALOT are dying to the point where it is a water hazard !!! Maybe it will make its way down there, that would solve your carp problems, other that the stink of them piled up on shore.
  3. I use a 82 lb motorguide digital with foot control, It uses cable steering and I much prefer that over the power drive systems My boat came with the minkota power drive and it did not turn fast enough for me. One thing I have noticed that people who own the remote control ones dont like it cause they are always playing with the remote with there hands while the are trying to fish.
  4. I use both braid and mono, I use PowerPro for braid and am very happy with it. If I am fishing stained water I mostly use braid but some types of fishing I prefere mono.Braid makes everyone get the "feel" for what is happening under the water but if u put enough time on the water u can get the "feel" with mono too! Fishing spinnerbaits and jerk baits I prefer mono for the stretch less ripped out hooks from big hook sets, thick weed I prefer braid as it cuts the weeds off itself well, fishing docks and wooden structure I prefer mono as I can break the line off easier if I need to.
  5. thanks for the comments and advise I may just try that on some future baits!
  6. siver skirt with a size 5 diamond blade. main blade and a size 3 laqured nickel second blade.
  7. here is a couple of new pics these should work! Sorry for the low quality pics I have had to use my cell phone camera since I lost my digital out the back of the boat.
  8. central Ontario, Waubaushene on the shores of Georgian Bay.
  9. must have been Im not sure they worked last night. I just checked the host site and it was down so that is probly why.
  10. thanks for the link, but I did not see anyy gammie jig hooks or spinnerbait hooks, he did have VMC spinnerbait hooks anyone try them before? I like the VMC bait holder hooks.
  11. I have not been able to purchase gamies in quantity packs. Is there a wholesaler in the states that sells gamies? Jig hooks and spinnerbait hooks. I like OWNER hooks as well.
  12. most "on the books" salvage yards around here will not even sell me lead now cause it is a controlled substance. I have just been going to tire shops for the used wheel weights, but I dont go through that much of it yet.
  13. here is a couple spinnerbaits I made today, I am new at this but I think they look good. They are 3/4 ounce short arm.
  14. Hi just sighed up from Waubaushene Ontario on the shores of Georgian Bay.
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