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  1. First Jigs Ever!

    Do-it has one like that called the weedless casting jig
  2. Lee Precision Production Pot IV

    I took a drill bit the same size as the hole in the spout, and ran it through from the outside,you wouldn't believe the rust and crud that came out. I also took the plunger and cleaned the tip with emery cloth,I get very few drips now.
  3. JIG DIPPING top coat

    Take a look at Pro Tec Glitter clear coat,goes on smooth and plenty of glitter.

    Says $1.50 per lb/ingots .No price for shipping,in the classified.
  5. Painting dots

    There is 2 types of craft smart craft paint one say good to 350 degrees on the label,the other one doesn't have anything about heat on it.This is at Michaels.
  6. Painting dots

    I use a craft paint called craftsmart,I powder paint my jigs then apply the eyes then put in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 min,the craft paint melts into the powder paint,as Eiron says .The craftpaint says its good at 350 degrees on the label.
  7. Powder Paint Spray gun booth

    Thanks for the info,I guess it would serve it's purpose for certain applications.
  8. Powder Paint Spray gun booth

    Smalljaw, approximately how much over spray would you reclaim on the 6 baits?
  9. Prayer Jig Material

    Here is my version of a preacher jig ,I use a walleye head in 3/8-1/2- 3/4 oz. eagle claw 635B B/N Jig Hook, 5-6 inch bucktail and hackle 6-8".
  10. Dyeing BUcktails

    sent you a pm
  11. Looking for Shad Heads for In-Line Spinner

    No I do not pour these,but you can order the mold as suggested and pour your own ,just get a piece of stainless steel the diameter you need and lay across the mold close mold and tap lightly with a rubber mallet to make indent in mold.
  12. Do-It Swimbait Head Jig Mold SBH-5-A Question

    The lead may be to hard ,try adding some soft lead to your mix.
  13. Looking for Shad Heads for In-Line Spinner

    How about this head ,a little modification on the mold .Its called a diner shiner.
  14. spinnerbait molds

    No you open the mold up ,you then drill a hole in the face of the mold where the wire rests on the mold as deep/thick as your magnet is making sure it is level with the face of the mold,then glue the magnet in .
  15. Dyeing BUcktails

    I cleaned and cured 195 this yr. First I wash them in hot water and dawn dish soap,then after deboning I put them in a solution of water and alum for two weeks,then rinse and staple them on cardboard to dry,they come out like store bought.I use a dye called veniard dye its for feathers and hair. I only dye black, orange,yellow, red.