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  1. When I clean out my pot, I take a drill bit same size as pour spout and ream it out there is a lot of rust that comes out,my pot hardly drips after.
  2. Google roto metals for prices. Also lead melts at 621 deg and bismuth at 520 deg.
  3. I wonder if it's salt water that causes it or is it dragging in the sand every once in a while causing it.I don't fish salt water,and my jigs looses its shine when bouncing off a sandy bottom when fishing walleye.
  4. I use the black but thin it with clear gloss,comes out really shinny.I aso have a vibrator on my fluid bed with the air.
  5. I dye a lot of the leftover brown buctails to black.
  6. Luremaking.com has them listed,but they are a Canadian co.
  7. cs coatings (component systems) has a fluid bed that will do up to 130 jigs (depending on size) at once.
  8. By the time you add the exchange rate its about the same price.
  9. Try Luremaking,com they are north west of Toronto.
  10. You did notice the original post is 10 yrs old.
  11. There is a guy on site called "cadman" he has some colors in bulk
  12. Do-it has one like that called the weedless casting jig
  13. I took a drill bit the same size as the hole in the spout, and ran it through from the outside,you wouldn't believe the rust and crud that came out. I also took the plunger and cleaned the tip with emery cloth,I get very few drips now.
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