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  1. I use the same vibrator it works excellent, I use two heavy duty elastics so I can move it to different fluid beds.
  2. I would make the shaft a wee bit longer at least 1/4 to 3/8 longer
  3. Called hook snaps
  4. Luremaking.com carries them.
  5. You should try craft paint.I use one called Craftsmart premium satin acrylic paint got it at Michaels, it will take heat to 350 degrees, powder paint jig heads as usual then apply the eye with nail let dry then apply the pupil (different color) then put jigs in oven to bake I do mine 360 degrees for 20 min.The acrylic paint melts into the head and can't scratch off.
  6. I use a craft paint called craftsmart (michaels sells it)after powder painting my jigs I use craftsmart to put the 2 color eyes on.You can put it in the toaster oven 350 degrees for 20 min,it doesn't run and seems to melt into the powder paint you cant scratch it off.
  7. Luremaking.com in ontario carries them.
  8. On a blown up picture of the jigs looks like a regular jig hook,but it looks like the hair is in the lead you cant see any thread.
  9. They also carry nail foil.
  10. Have you looked at Ali express "holographic heat foil"?
  11. Is there any place to buy bulk spools of 210 danville?
  12. When I clean out my pot, I take a drill bit same size as pour spout and ream it out there is a lot of rust that comes out,my pot hardly drips after.
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