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  1. spinnerbait molds

    No you open the mold up ,you then drill a hole in the face of the mold where the wire rests on the mold as deep/thick as your magnet is making sure it is level with the face of the mold,then glue the magnet in .
  2. Dyeing BUcktails

    I cleaned and cured 195 this yr. First I wash them in hot water and dawn dish soap,then after deboning I put them in a solution of water and alum for two weeks,then rinse and staple them on cardboard to dry,they come out like store bought.I use a dye called veniard dye its for feathers and hair. I only dye black, orange,yellow, red.
  3. Porous fluid sheets

    I just use a brown sandwich bag for the filter material and strap a small 12 volt vibrator on the side of the cups along with the aquarium pump. All colors of paint fluidizes that way.
  4. Ice jigs

    I use Craftsmart premium satan , it will take heat to 350 degrees.
  5. Getting a small amount of paint

    And what has this to do with getting paint out of a can?????????
  6. Fluid Bed??

    They are pretty easy to make but finding the proper filter material that works is the hard part.
  7. airbrushing over powder paint?

    You know when all else fails read the directions,I looked on the tubes of acrylic paint I have here low and behold it says to cure 350 degrees for 30 min, I tried it on some jigheads I was working on,worked good and a lot cheaper then using the Testors model paint I was using.Thank you
  8. airbrushing over powder paint?

    What temp would you use and for how long?
  9. Lead pouring beginner

    Odds are your mold is not hot enough and your pouring to slow.Get your mold hotter and pour as fast as you can.
  10. Scrounger

    psilvers posted this back on April 17 2016 "Here is a jig that I came up with that has a different action than the Scrounger. I can make them in sizes from 1/8 oz to 2 oz. This jig is all hair and flash. What do you guys think? Pete" There is a video also but very blurry.
  11. Structure jig

    Maybe the poison swingtail jig would work
  12. Tutorial Herring Head Underspin Variant

    According to his directions the bend goes up,I don't think it would matter up or down as long as the open eye was facing to the front of jig.You could even have it u shape and go around the jig then it would never pull out.
  13. Something else you may look at,what size of clevis are you using,the hole may be to small (not enough play)for the size of wire you are using
  14. To me it looks like you have run the main shaft through the blade.The blade should only be on the clevis.
  15. Lure Drying RPM

    That's what the op said he is using