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  1. Just to clear the air on Bear. He does not have a brain tumor. He has Dementia and Alzheimer. He is currently in a care facility as he was a little too much to handle for his family. They did the best they could for as long as they could. It really does suck. There is far more to all the story than that but it is not my story to tell, but he and his family were completely dumped on. I will convey your prayers and best wishes to him the next time we talk. Thanks
  2. I relayed all your prayers and thoughts to Bear. He GREATLY appreciates them. Please keep them coming. The Bear clan has a mountain to climb and are trying their best to make lemonade out of lemons. Thanks
  3. Zbass

    Bears Baits Water Weasel

    Sent you a PM. Thanks
  4. Zbass


    I just wanted to say a big thank you to Cadman for going over and above to try and get me what I needed for a friend of mine on some jigheads. I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone that asks and will not hesitate to call him in the future for any other jighead needs that comes up. Thanks Cadman!
  5. Where can I find someone that makes these jigheads in bulk? This ia a picture of the 1/4 oz size and am interested in 1/4 and 3/8 oz heads. It is an Arkie style head with twin wire guards. I believe it is a Gami EWG hook. Thanks in advance. Z
  6. Where do you guys get your plastic for vacuum forming. Thanks
  7. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/index.php?/topic/26924-moisture-in-plastisol/page-2 Is that it?
  8. The way it looks in this post to someone that has no knowledge of the events between you and Kajan a month ago is that on the 31st of October you stated he inspired you to design a stir system. Then on November 1st you stated that you had the problem solved with a stir system that will run while holding your different types of injectors. Just looked like you designed it, made it and tested it in one day. I just know from experience it takes much longer to get a viable product.
  9. Mark, I just call them like I see them. Years ago the Ol' boy that, from what I remember, started the gearmotor on the presto pot stirrer was promoting them on here to sell. He was told that he had to be a board sponsor to do that. He became a sponsor and was still told not to promote in the posts. His banner was enough. Bear basically went the same route. His deal was a little different. He was a sponsor. Someone else would try to post and tell everyone about some of his products and it would start a pissing match. Bear would try to explain things and get shot down saying he was promoting. He got tired of it and said screw it. Now we have Baitjunky doing the same thing and it is ok now? I don't understand that. That is for the admin of this site to decide. Not me. Kajan was not promoting anything IMO. He was just stating that the paddle he makes is the one on the stiur system that Bear sells. There was no "our's or we's" in his post. If BJ's products are working for people, awesome. Good for them. I am not questioning that at all. There is a ton of stuff out there now that works for some and not for others. It is up to them to decide on what is best for them. For him to share what he knows about pouring, degassing, injecting, that's great. I am just saying being honest about things is a better way to go. It has been proven a few times on here over the years.
  10. I have not posted here in a while and I really don't have anything to add to the original problem of discoloring plastic. It happens with all light colors when you reheat regardless of what heating system you use. Practice and patience will help over time. The thing that is aggravating to me is all the BS that is posted in this thread. Has it changed on this site for people to self promote themselves or their products? Is it because that he is an advertiser? Hmm. Interesting. It is happening and not only on this thread but a few others. at least if they are going to do it, at least be honest about it. For someone to tell somebody that they inspired him to design a stir system is BS. It has been in the works over on his site for over a month and probably been being thought about for a lot longer than that. And then to have this person come back a day later and say that he has the problem solved in an insult. It is an insult to all the people that have spent a lot of time and money to make the products we use better to think that someone that is fairly new to that part of the industry to have the cure all in less than a day. Really? They are not reinventing the wheel, just copying an existing design and modifying it to suit their products. I know this is how advances are made all I am saying is be honest about it.
  11. Just a curious question. Has anyone tried painting over it yet? Using water based paints. Wheels are turning but do not have time right now to try it. Thanks
  12. I fished mine this weekend and had similar results with the softness. They seemed to hold up ok, but if I wanted to I could probably scrap away the clear coat. I think part of my problem is that I dipped them with only 15 minutes between coats. They never seemed to get as hard as my Etex. that being said Etex is not totally rock hard anyway, but it holds up really well to regular abuse. I am going to try some more with a different process similar to Cougars. Time will tell.
  13. I found last night that I could scrape the finish off after 48 hrs cure time. As I stated earlier that I dipped 4 times, 15 minutes apart. It is still a little soft. I believe what Mark is saying about trapping the solvent is causing the issue. I will try another one and dip every hour or so while hitting with a hairdryer.
  14. After reading the posts here and on another forum I decided to try this one too. I dipped some baits on Sunday Afternoon. I dipped 4 times waiting 15 minutes between dips. After 24 hours they still had a slight smell. Enough to where I would not want to put them in a clam shell yet. They were dry to the touch. They look great. I then took one of the baits and tossed it down the country road a couple times just to see how it would hold up. Hmmmm. It did not fair too well, but this would be extreme abuse I guess. And I do not believe it is fully cured yet. I then took one of my reject baits that has fully cured Etex on it to see the difference. That bait faired MUCH better. I have one more bait that has the GSTon it that I am going to toss down the road Thursday. I also have one that I am going to fish with this weekend. I will post my results. Thanks to Mad Moose for posting this product.
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